Friday, July 1, 2011

Luke Roberts - LB - Lancaster

Luke Roberts from Lancaster called me last week about advice on some early offers that he had received. Two were from Big Ten schools and playing in the Big Ten has always been his goal. To me, that is not always a good idea. Another school asked him to wait til the fall, because they needed to see more. He had a good camp, but they needed to see him make plays. That school was honest with him. They needed to see more, which I feel their honesty was important. My advice - "Go with your gut feeling."

On Saturday, he was going to the last senior day at O-State. I told him in a phone call to bust his butt and run possessed. He is a "mike" linebacker pure and simple. Passes the eyeball test. 6'1 everyday. Runs well downhill. Excellent tackler. Tough guy. Most of all, he competes. But he needed to run well to impress OSU coaches. Ran 4.64 and 4.25 pro shuttle. Now this is not a "raw talent time," this is an OSU time. Yesterday, Coach Fickell called and offered him a scholarship.

My worry: Luke ran well and changed direction well. Natural leader. Tremendous competitor. Tackle to tackle tough. Competed well at my combine. However, he is not a five star or a four star. He might only be a two star. Oh my!! If he is only a two-star, can he play in the Big Ten? Of course, I am being sarcastic. Luke Roberts is a "Lights out linebacker," and I wish him the very best.

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