Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two More in the Central Ohio 213 Class

Spent the afternoon evaluating prospects at the Capital University 7on7 event. Some good teams, with some college potential players, makes for a profitable day. I have been telling the Ohio 213 Class that central Ohio has a bunch. Saw a few today.

Although he has a minor ankle sprain and did not play, Devon Edwards(213)- Eastmoor is a beast. Playing TE at 6'4-235. Saw him last year and really like him. Runs well and has good ball skills. Hopefully, he does not eat himself out of the TE position. Davon Barrow(213)- Eastmoor could be special. A possible strong safety in college, but for now more an OLB. 6'0-195 and strong. A 4.65/40 guy everyday.Did run the open 400m last spring in 50.4. The other Eastmoor 213 guy I liked was FB/LB Kohury Carter. Probably 5'11, but weighs 222 and carries it well. Of course, today he did not get to show his "stuff," but he moves well. One senior, Jalen Crosby kind of jumped out. Ran a 10.6/100m last spring. Needs to turn that into football speed. Playing CB.

This my third time seeing Olentangy Liberty play 7on7. Linebacker Grant Cartwright(213) continues to improve. Physically he looks the part at 6'3-215. State competitor in shot put and discus. Really like his desire to compete. Needs to be sure his speed and quickness continues to improve as he grows. A little stiff at times, but that will improve and he will play some place on defense.

Dylan Leffingwell - Warren Local - near Marietta had a good day at quarterback. Also in the Class of 213. Understands coverages. Throws nice ball. Never saw him just put rpms and really spin-it. Of course, been traveling and throwing all summer and that could be taking its toll. Like his poise. As he gets stronger, he will be spinning-it.

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