Monday, January 28, 2013

College "Junior Days" at a Glance

With the official national signing date just over a week away, the Ohio Class of 2014 will become the main focus of college coaches throughout the country. Granted that college coaches have already been in the high schools and have an idea of who they are "liking" and "looking at," the really serious evaluations will be beginning. You will soon be hearing and reading about "Junior Days."

"Junior Days" are another way to get recruits on campus. College coaches can visit with recruits and parents. Usually, just one day is spent on campus and usually on a Saturday. For many high school players they will be  part of large group of recruits. Recently, some college football programs have started bringing in smaller groups. Of course, you get more "one on one" contact in a smaller group. In the past, some recruits have felt slighted by the college coaches. Smaller groups, hopefully, eliminate, some of those feelings.

Presentations to the group are varied, but all contain the same basic information. An academic representative will go over all aspects of what is needed and expected from the players. Much emphasis is put on the academic policies. Groups also tour the football facility and, with weather permitting, players will get a chance to visit the stadium. Most schools also give a strength training presentation, including a tour of the weight room. More and more schools talk about proper nutrition.

Position coaches spend time with individual position players. Also at this time, a player may also get a chance to meet with the coach recruting his area. Some head football coaches will spend time with an individual and his parents. Usually a ten minute visit. Of course, a recruit should feel really good about meeting with the head coach.

Food and drink are provided, BUT the player and parents have to pay for  any food or drink. Colleges cannot give food or drink as a benefit. They can provide the food, but a player and his family must buy it.

Sometime during the day, colleges are going to push their football summer camps and any other times that players can get on campus. Getting the athletes on campus as often as possible, is really important. I forget, but a player may get a free camp poster.

To get a really good feel for the campus and the sports atmosphere, Junior Days are often held during a home basketball game. Sometimes some of the football players may "bump" into a recruit. That in itself, can be exciting. The seats are good and watching 15,000 fans is fun.

Personally, I think that "Junior Days" can be a good thing. Even if you are not a top BCS level recruit, you can learn alot about the school and the process. You can meet new friends who will be recruited just like you. You meet some college coaches. Plus, the social media football recruiting writers know that you are in attendance and may give you free exposure. Overall, you will learn about what to do and what not to do in the world of football recruiting.

Please remember that just because you attend a "Junior Day," does not mean that a Michigan or an Ohio State or a Nebraska is going to recruit you hard. Two of the most used phrases in the recruiting process - We "like" him. We are "looking at him." Not to dampen your spirit, but always remember that football recruiting is a "business," and, at times, a very "ugly business."

Most of all, have fun and, for the most part, everything is free. And mom and dad can tell their friends about "Junior Day." If they get lucky, they can boast about meeting the head football coach. By the end of the day, you will have had a really enjoyable time.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lancaster's Kyle Trout, The Biggest Fish

For the most part this basketball season I have traveled the state watching football players play hoops who I really feel need to be evaluated as potential college scholarship players. Last night I visited Pickerington North High School for the sole purpose of watching Lancaster's Kyle Trout.

Kyle Trout (2014), listed 6'4-294, is one of the top three offensive linemen , if not the top one, in the Ohio Class of 2014. Carries his weight really well. Moves his feet really well. Good hips. Good bender. Runs the court pretty well for big man. Most of all, he runs the court, and gets his breathe after he gets to the other end. Intimidating. Only played about six minutes in the first half, but long enough to see how much potential he has on the football field. (I left at halftime). Bad basketball.

First saw Kyle at our MSROHIO Combine last March. Really moved well for big man, but was raw. Loved his potential then. Watched him in a four-way scrimmage last August. Powerful. Finished blocks. Good first step. Since Lancaster runs a very successful Wing-T offense, you do not see much pass blocking. Most of the blocking is shoulder blocking. But he showed signs that he could pass block. Also really liked the way he moved laterally. But most of all, he competed, all 6'6-294.

For some reason, big schools did not agree with my evaluation. Coming from a run-oriented offense, Kyle needs to work on pass blocking. Needs to get arm extension and use his hands and feet. Watching him last night, none of these will be a problem. Apparently, a new buzz term is "lateral burst." My guess would be when he moves laterally, he has a punch or burst. That's why colleges have football coaches-- to improve on these skills. (sarcasm)

 Probably most impressive last night was his leadership and enthusiasm. Not a starter and when he was taken out of the game and as he sat on the bench, he did not pout. He lead the cheers. To me, that is good. A high profile football player, when not in the game,  is leading the cheers. By the way, he could play on my basketball team anytime.

Rumors have it, he is meeting in C-bus with Urban Meyer this morning. Maybe Ohio State University football sees in him what I see in him.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tuesday Night was Toledo Night

      Really enjoyed my trip to the "Glass City" last night. Cold as a witch's foot outside, but the car was warm. First stop was the old Franklin Park Mall. Second stop, Toledo Central Catholic High School.
      Last summer I discovered a sports shop in the Mall that carries baby clothes for the Michigan, Ohio State, and Notre Dame fans. There are some other schools and some pro-teams too, but I was not interested in those baby clothes. Really, I would upset the majority of the fans in Ohio, if I asked them to guess what two schools had their names on the baby clothes. We are an open-minded family.
      Before I went into the gym at Central Catholic, I went to the weight room to watch the football players work out. Immediately, RB/LB Paul Moses (2014) caught my attention. Squeezing 6'1 and about 205, I told him that he would be a top 25 guy for me. Liked him on the football field and like him better as a person. Also carrying a 3.2GPA. OL Zach Harmon (2014) continues to impress me. Needs to keep working on his agility, but getting bigger and stronger. Also spent a few minutes with junior DB Derich Weiland. Only 5'9, but tough on run support. Fast. Better yet, he is a 4.0+ in the classroom.
                                                     Some observations
      Joseph Davidson is a senior at Findlay High School and seems to have been around forever. First saw him as a sophomore playing some DB. Watched him play basketball that year. As a junior, he improved on the football field. Played both WR and DB. Tremendous in the red zone. You see, Joseph is 6'7 and runs pretty well. Strong hands. A three year letterman in basketball. Three year starter in football. Actually saw him run the hurdles last spring. Going to BGSU as a punter. I told him last night that he should remember that he is still a ball catcher.
      Austin Gutting (2014) from Findlay listed at 6'3-230 is an interesting prospect. Solid blue collar guy on the basketball court. Projecting him as a tight end at the next level. Possesses all of the natural tools, now must step up. Good kid. Might be an LB, like him as a tight end.
      Keith Towbridge (2013) from Central Catholic may be one of the most improved senior football players in Oho this past fall. As a junior, I thought he was okay. Did not know where he was going to play. At 6'5-235 he was caught in between. Was he a TE, an OL, or a DL guy. At times, did not like his attitude. Last summer he impressed the coaches at Louisville, and they offered him a scholarship. Since then Keith "got it." Bigger, stronger, and tougher. Broad shoulders. Walks tall.  Good ball skills. Excellent attitude. Last night, he was not the same player that I knew as a junior.. Louisville made an excellent choice.
      QB DeShone Kiser (2014) listed at 6'5 is also a quarterback on the basketball floor. Excellent passer and gets teammates involved. Liked his solid, consistent play. One of the top QB's in the Ohio Class of 2014. Makes plays on the football field. Needs to continue to work on arm strength, but he has alot of the intangables. Lead Toledo Central Catholic to a state football championship last fall, but still must continue to get better. He will be fine.
      I try not to get too close to parents. Did that as a coach and do it as a football scout. Everything is good with parents, until you give constructive criticism to their son. As a rule, I do not chit-chat much when I am evaluating players. But sometimes you meet special people. Keith Towbridge's mother is one of those "special people." She has always been fun to talk with. She laughs and laughs. She supports her son. She has a smile. She has been good to me and I appreciate that.
      Need to see St Ignatius this Friday. While in Cleveland, I will be visiting with my good friend Ted Ginn. He is leaving next Tuesday for the Super Bowl to watch Ted Junior  returning punts for the 49er's. St Ignatius has a bigtime potential linebacker playing basketball.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some Players Who Need Evaluated

A few weeks ago, I was able to watch two high school football players who may not be out there yet, and last Saturday, I attended the Teays Valley - Olentangy game to see one more with same situation. As I have said over and over, sometimes watching smaller school players is just as important as seeing big school players.

Keystone. No not the cops. Keystone High School, southwest of Cleveland, has a young sophomore named CJ Conrad who  recruiters need to be aware. Listed 6'3 -210, he moved well with and without the basketball. Good feet. Athletic. Played TE and FS last year. As I watched him run the court, I wished he would want to play OLB. His dad told me that he likes LB and likes defense. Needs to work on burst and change of direction. But he is young and will get bigger and stronger. Liked his leadership skills. Bloodlines - Mom and dad both played sports at Tiffin University. Sister is on scholarship at Akron. Sometimes bloodlines mean alot.

I use CJ as an example of a sophomore from a small school program who needs to get into some camps this summer. Really needs to get stronger hips and be a better knee bender. He needs to be aware of all of the "noise" and "junk" that is out there. He needs to use AAU basketball as a fun thing to do, but focus on adding good weight. Really believe he will be a scholarship player at the end of the day. But he really needs to work on getting bigger and stronger.

Years ago we were blessed to spend four years living among the Amish in Holmes County. On my trip to Danville High School, it was like living there again. On the suggestion of a former college football coach, I watched Andy Payne Class of 2014. Good size, listed 6'3-  250. Moved really well for his size. Could see him playing center on the next level. Tough competitor. Thought hat he moved his feet on defense. Good bender. Like any lineman, he needs to keep working on quickness. Also, needs to get into some camps this summer. Really believe one of two combines this spring would help him. If he keeps focused on getting better, he has a chance to be a scholarship player.

Teays Valley's Clayton Seymour is another who needs to continue to work hard and get into some camps. Listed 6'3-230. Liked his athleticism for his size. Competed hard in the basketball game against Olentangy. After watching video, probably will move inside. Much the same as Andy Payne. Needs to develop a better burst, but should be okay. He must also get some exposure at some good college football camps this summer.

When I comment on players, I am just telling readers what I see.  Of course, I miss on some evaluations. I can be more honest, because I do not have to worry about offending fans. Hopefully, what a player reads about himself, or someone else, he will use those comments to be a better player.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Jordan Lauf - Napoleon two sport guy

Last fall I made the trip to Napoleon High School to watch Sylvania Southview play Napoleon. To be truthful, I was really interested in three players from Southview. I also wanted to see a young man who had been to our combine, Bryant Schlade. That night the player who really impressed me was a senior wide receiver, Jordan Lauf.

On the way home from the MHSFCA Clinic in Kalamazoo, I stopped by Southview High School to watch Napoleon play basketball. Again, I wanted to watch two Southview football players play basketball. Also, Bryant Schlade played basketball. This night the player who really impressed me was University of Toledo basketball commit, 6'5 Jordan Lauf.

Southview players. WR J J Pinckney (2014) is an intriguing athlete. On the football field, he makes acrobatic catches, but drops some very catchable balls. Like his quickness. Can separate. Really can play DB, if needs to. Really slender 6'3 frame. On the hardwood, plays much the same. Really wish that he were more consistent. DB Nate Hall (2014) has been a favorite of mine since he was a freshman. Solid free safety. Understands pass coverage. Long and needs to add weight. Did not play in the game I saw last year because of injury. May need to be more nasty. Also had a chance to visit with DE Ryan Stout. Hurt his knee during wrestling, but will be fully recovered soon. Listed at 6'4-245, I think that Ryan's best chance is to grow into an offensive lineman. He likes DE. Great attitude and is nasty.

Napoleon's Bryant Schlade, listed at 6'0-205, works hard on the basketball court, but football is his sport. Great attitude, but may not have the combination speed or size to play on the D-1 level. At least not yet. Need to see what happens the rest of the off season. Rumor is that he is trying to get into the Naval Academy. Class kid.

The player who continues to impress me is Jordan Lauf. Last year, he went out for football to be with his friends. Played WR and some FS. In the game against Southview, he made some excellent catches. Two, he climbed to catch. Surprised me with ability to separate. Not great speed, but believe that he could get faster. I just liked hi receiver mentality and skills. Found out that he was committed to UT to play hoops. End of story. Southview football is very, very good. That night, Jordan was the best football prospect on the field. That night.

Last Friday, I enjoyed watching him play basketball. Thought that he did a good job with a struggling team. Of course, McCallister is no Thad Matta, when it comes to judging basketball talent. I always use former Upper Sandusky basketball player Jon Diebler as my measuring stick. "Jonny D" was a pretty good player. Jordan needs to "take over " games, but he was the best player on the floor that night.

Football recruiting followers will not see Jordan's name on any list. He is committed to play basketball at Toledo, a much improving basketball program. Too late now, but I really believe in the "big picture," and given time, Jordan Lauf could be a really good wide receiver on a MAC level team.

But what do I know. Southview's Shaun Joplin, the son of a former college basketball coach, is playing football at Bowling Green. A red-shirt junior, Shaun is one of the top receivers for the Falcons. He was a solid basketball high school basketball player, but I really liked him as a wide receiver.

If you think my thoughts on Jordan Lauf are selfish, I have another player who may be missing the "big picture." Pickerington Central's Jae'sean Tate (2014), listed 6'4-195, has committed to play basketball at Ohio State. Remember, I am no Thad Matta. But Jae'sean started as a LB his sophomore year on a very good football team. Came out this year, the seventh week of the season and played well. Jae'sean Tate really impresses me on the football field. But Coach Matta impresses me as a basketball coach.

Back to Jordan Lauf. I wish him the very best, and he can play any sport that he chooses.

Michigan High School Football Clinic

Over the last three months, Mike Mauk and I have had some dealings with the executive director of the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association. Last weekend, we were guests at their annual MHSFCA High School Football Clinic.

Coach  Mauk and Toledo Central Catholic's Greg Dempsey both spoke at the Clinic. They both had excellent presentations, speaking on offensive football. Next month two high school speakers from Michigan ill be speaking at our clinic.  Hopefully, over the coming years we will continue the process.

Also, at the chance to visit with Michigan State Coach Mark Dantonio. Coach and I have known each other for along time. He actually smiled some and laughed alittle. Dantonio, may be one of the best at seeing potential in high school football players and then maximizing that potential. Of course, I can only speak for prospects in Ohio, but Coach continually amazes me. Groveport's Le'Veon Bell comes to mind. He is leaving early and is projected as a second or third round choice.

Brady Hoke and I have known each other for over twenty years. He is what Michigan football is all about. What you see is what you get with Coach Hoke. Down to earth. When Coach speaks at different clinics, he talks defensive football. Some coaches talk philosophy, but not Hoke. Also always have fun joking with the Michigan staff in regards to the competition between the Buckeyes in not just recruiting, but anything in football. For those people who beg to have the "Rivalry Back," trust me, Coach Urban Meyer and Coach Hoke are leading the charge.

Kalamazoo was a trip for the "old dog," but well worth it. We are working on a project to get the Michigan and Ohio high schools working together. If things go well,  the project should be alot of fun. Long ways away, but who knows. The only thing that I know for sure is that the University of Michigan and Ohio State University football programs' rivalry is not just that last game in November. The rivalry is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

The North South All-Star Classic Rosters Almost Complete

As most people know by now, the Ohio North South All-Star Classic not only is changing from one game to two games this summer, but is also leaving Columbus and moving to Dayton. The most pressing work to be done was the selection process.

Although the rosters have not been finalized and released to the public, I have had a chance to look at each team's roster. Part of what I do with the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association is work with the selection of the all star teams. Actually, I was more involved with the "Big 33" selection process. But that is no more. The team rosters look good and the games will have plenty of "star power."

I would watch for the media release in the next two weeks. JJ Huddle works with the OHSFCA to provide information about what is happening with the Association. Usually I would post the team rosters, but they are not totally finalized. I plan to wait until that OHSFCA's site has the chance to post the teams. But having studied the rosters, the two games should be exciting.

Even with the late change in selecting four teams, instead of two and dividing the two games - D-1, 2, 3 and D - 4, 5, 6, the coaches have done a good job in selecting the teams. Each region has to be represented.

More players get a chance to show their skills. More players get one more chance to play their last high school career game. More high school coaches geta chance to coach in the game. The game is a win-win situation.

The rosters should bo released soon.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Booker, Campbell, Matta, and Cora

      Last Saturday night I caught the Columbus Marion Franklin basketball game against Akron St Vincent - St Mary. Although I enjoy watching high school basketball, I was really there to watch St V's, Parris Campbell and Dante Booker. Also had a chance to watch St Vincent-St Mary's Newman Williams, Tyrece Speaight, and Markus Hurd.
      OLB Dante Booker (2014) runs very well. Listed at 6'3-215, but will get much bigger. Good hips. Like his burst. Watched him drop the ball into the basket. Really like his attitude. Tough competitor. Really believe that he has the total package. Next fall, I need to seee him "light-up" an RB. Hopefully, he can put his hand down on the edge and also play in space. One of the top five defenders in the Ohio Class of 2014.
      Parris Campbell (2014) really impressed me last fall, both as a ball carrier and a DB. Listed 6'1-180. Track speed. Thin hips and changes direction well. Like the way he backpedals. Also like his toughness and his competitive attitude both on the turf and on the court. Really young for his class. Could legally be a high school freshman. Will be one of the top three CB's in the Ohio Class of 2014.
      FB Newman Williams (2014)  is a football player playing basketball. Natural FB. Listed 6'0-220. Like his balance. Liked the way he ran the court. Height may hurt him, but recruiters need to turn on the State Championship game last December. He is a bull type runner.
      There are two Akron St V's freshmen to remember going into their sophomore year. DB Tyrece Speaight started the State Championship game last fall and played very well. Fast and quick. Also showed his quickness and burst on the basketball court. Tremendous competitor. Barring injury, he will be one of the very top DB's in the Ohio Class of 2016. Already almost 5'10-165, he has the toughness and the physical tools to be a highly rated prospect. Freshman teammate, Markus Hurd, listed 5'9-165, could eventually one of the better RB's to play at St Vincent -St Mary. Like his quickness and burst on the court. Watched just alittle last fall. Watch for another freshman at St V's. OL Zach Corrigall has the bloodlines to be sure. Already 6'3-220 and can run the court.
      As I was watching the junior varsity game, I saw two of my favorite Marion Franklin underclassmen football players. Neither play basketball, but both are really good football players. Shemar Moss (2015) has a chance to be one of top LB prospects in the Ohio Class of 2015. Played hard and ran well last fall. OL Martesse Patterson (2014), if keeps his weight down, could be one of the better OL guys in the Ohio Class of 2014. Really athletic for a big man. Like his toughness. Really enjoyable talking with them. As usual I learned more about their make-up.
      Two Ohio State football coaches were in attendance. With their wives, of course. Talked with them for a few minutes. Hope that they were impressed with the same prospects that I was impressed with. Of course, I hope that they are as impressed with their wives as I am.
      Also in the house, was Ohio State basketball coach Thad Matta. What a class act! No swagger. No arrogance. Just a down to earth attitude. Kind of refreshing for a high profile college coach. The best I could guess was that he was watching Marion Franklin's 6'8 sophomore Tony Anderson. From what I saw, he can play play hoops.  Coach Matta has always impressed me, but I did not bother him.
      Watching and evaluating high profile football recruits is always fun. But the highlight of my 60 minute trip to C-bus was visiting my two month old grand daughter, Cora. My first grand baby. Now that time is at good as it gets.

Crestline, Ohio - Home of ??

      Last night, a friend of mine told me to check out the Marion Star newspaper's sports page. Actually bought one this morning. I am sure he wanted me to read the article about the coaching legends from Crestline, Ohio. The article centered around the big weekend that the Harbaugh's and the Gottfried's had last weekend.
      For those who know me, know that I am 64 years old and a small town guy from Upper Sandusky. I have tremendous respect for people who have that "extra drive" to do things that an "ordinary person" would not do.
      Jack Harbaugh is a retired college football who worked at the University of Michigan as an assistant football coach and later was the head football coach at Western Kentucky. He coached back in my younger days. Just as important is the fact that he and his wife Jackie are the parents of John, Baltimore Ravens head football coach and Jim, San Francisco 49er's head football coach. Their daughter is married to Tom Crean, head basketball coach at Indiana. The family reunions must be unique.
      Joe Gottfried is a retired athletic director from South Alabama. Before that he was a very successful basketball coach at Ashland University. His son Mark is rebuilding the basketball program at North Carolina State. By the way, NC State upset Duke last weekend.
      I do not know for sure what Joe's brother Mike is doing now, but he had a successful football college coaching career at University of Cincinnati. Mike also did color comentating for college football.
      A good friend of mine John Dipetro stayed home and had a very successful coaching career at Crestline High School. Now retired, he and his wife spend spend alot of time relaxing in Texas. John went to high school with Jack Harbaugh and the Gottfrieds. Whenever we chat, the Harbaugh's are always mentioned. John says that neither coach has forgotten his "roots."
      As I wrote earlier, I really respect a person who has the "drive" to be the very best that they can be. Of course, being in the right place at the right time is important. God given talent is essential.
      The message is simple. Do not let where you are from, dictate what you can do in life. Crestline is a small town. The inner city of Cleveland, or any other city for that matter can be tough. Actually, growing up in a fluent suburb can present problems. Whatever the case, do not let the neighborhood where you grew up or are growing up stop your drive to be successful in whatever profession you chose. Jon Diebler has not.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Ohio Prospects Super Directory

     Last night, the Ohio Prospects Super Directory was, for the most part, completed. Lots of work, lots of time, and lots of good stress. Finished this year's directory with almost 850 prospects. Those included are prospects from the Ohio Classes of 2014, 2015, and 2016.
     The Directory includes a prospect's communication information, measurements, and GPA. Every prospect is rated by McCallister. The ratings are probably not as exact as, the recruiting reporters do, but, at least the rating gives the college coach an idea of where McCallister thinks they fit. An obvious -- "not an exact science."
     Colleges pay for this Ohio Prospects Super Directory. Of course, it is not available to people outside of the college coaching profession.
     Also have been attending alot of basketball games to watch high profiled football players play hoops. Actually, ran into two Ohio State coaches at a recent St.Vincent-St Mary - Marion Franklin game.
     Those are the two main excuses for being away from my blog. Like I tell some of my readers. The blog is for fun.
     Heading to the Michigan High School Football Clinic in Kalamazoo this Friday. Meeting with Michigan officials about the possibility of a Michigan-Ohio High School Football All-Star game in the summer of 2014. Everything that you read a few weeks ago about this game was so very premature. That is a whole another story.
     Back to proofreading the directory. Those of you who follow this blog know how much I enjoy proofreading anything. To the printers on Friday.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My New Year's Wish for Ohio Prep Sports

January 2.  The new year is beginning with a cold day and plenty of snow for me. No excuses for going outside to work. No excuses for not taking time to enter a blog. I am revealing my top Ohio high school sport's wish for the year. No, impossible to eliminate all of the noise of the recruiting media. No, impossible to eliminate the dishonesty of the college recruiters. My wish is that the "powers-to-be," whoever they may be take a long look at separating the private schools from public schools in tournament time.

For the past two years, high school principals in Ohio have voted down complicated and confusing referendums that included all kinds of factors. Such factors as student lunches, traditions of athletic programs, and school boundaries. Of course, that was voted down. And, honestly, with all due respects, it should have been. How do you determine such a thing as tradition. Even more important, the OHSAA does not have much money to work with. Now they would have had to spend more money to have made that plan work.

Both the privates and the publics lose, not only in football, but all sports. Common sense would explain many of the ways both sides would lose. Most of all, both sides would lose financially. Scheduling for private schools could be a night mare. Actual game in and game out competition would lessen. If fans think private schools recruit now, just think what would happen if private-public schools split. Of course, recruiting goes on in public schools too, but splitting schools wouldraelly open boundaries.

My solution is simple. Open enrollment. Once a student enrolls at any school, public or private, that is where he or she stays for four years. If for some reason, the student would switch to another school, he or she would be ineligible for one calendar year. Even I think that is tough, but that would be the standard. Honestly, my heart says one switch with no penalty would be possible.

Some Ohio schools have made the news recently with regards to transferring to another school. The only real exception would be if a parent or parents moved to another school district and gave up any ties to their former place of residency. No more temporary apartment living. No more student moving in with coach's family. No more temporary custody. A total up and move to the district would be only way.

Hopefully, this eliminates some of the transfer problems. BUT, the major stumbling block is the courts. Due to my uneventful life, I have never had to use a lawyer. But anytime that the OHSAA tries to enforce a rule, a lawyer will find a judge who will issue an injunction to allow that boy or girl to play. That is unless, the parent has little money. In that is the case, few lawyers work for pocket change. The courts make it hard on schools and the OHSAA. To me court interference is another animal.

Finally, instead of constantly punishing "kids," punish the adults, if they were found guilty of cheating. Fine coaches, fine administrators, or fine  the parents. Even as a coach, I always tried to discipline the individual indiviuals rather than the whole team. Ban them from attending games.

Open enrollment. I am always reminded about the student in the Dayton area who could not transfer to a neighboring public school, but could drive through that neighboring school district, to go to a private school.

Football takes the lead in all of this argument, but the irony is that the debate began in Wayne County. A public school had a really good girls team , and I forget which sport, but was beaten in the tournament by a private school. The battles began.

My plan is too simple, I know. I have very good coaching friends in the both the private schools and the public schools. But sometimes the KISS theory works.