Friday, July 1, 2011

Austin Appleby - North Canton Hoover

Really glad to hear North Canton Hoover quarterback Austin Appleby recently committed to Purdue. First saw him last year in a scrimmage with Ashland. Liked his potential, but thought he was almost too mechanical. But it was his first start and you could tell that he just needed reps and games. Last year in game eight, he tore his ACL and MCL in his right knee.

Along with college coaches,I watched him work out last April. Although he told me the knee was fine, you could tell that it was about 85%. Came away from the workout thinking that he is a true dropback QB, but escapes well enough to be a threat, who can make all of the throws. Sometimes he drops his hands before he throws, which makes his release too high. Needs to correct that quirk in his throw. Strong arm. Part of the problem, too, was he was trying so hard to impress the college scouts, that his body was too tight. That was awhile back. Since then, the knee is good and he has learned to relax.

In the article, his comments showed alot of class. Austin is a leader and class act. He has worked hard to be one of the top QB's in his class. Needless to say, he has experienced alot. Overcome a terrible knee injury. Worked out for 20 college staffs. Listened to all of the recruiting BS,(including Joe Paterno). Now that he has committed to Purdue, he can relax and enjoy playing football his senior year.

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