Friday, July 29, 2011

Newspaper comments

One of my weaknesses is that I still get excited about some of the things that I read in newspapers. Plead guilty to reading the Dispatch and the Plain Dealer every morning at McD's. Sometimes I check out the Blade, but that costs me a dollar. Plain Dealer is seventy-five cents.

If Luke Fickell's job is just a one shot deal, and I hope that it is NOT, Tim Beckman would be my choice for the next head coaching job at Ohio Sate. Tremendous recruiter!! Soild staff. Big time support for the Ohio High School football. Ohio State does not need a "big name guy." When asked about the OSU job, if Fickell is not retained, his answer was, "I do not think so. I am excited about being at UT. My family is here. Our two goals - to be in the MAC Championship game and to win a bowl game-have not been done yet. We're still building this program." Good points, but what else could he say?

Terrell Pryor to Cleveland? Jon Gruden, and he should be, is always positive toward QB's. Some day people will realize that Pryor is a tremendous athlete, self-centered big time, and is not a natural passer.

Hope that Dane Sanzenbacher makes it with the Bears. Tremendous competitor. Execellent hands(as Pryor knows). Only 4.6/speed. His comment about signing with the Bears. "They're still one of the same teams that passed on you," 254 times in the draft he said. " I don't think that you ever lose that thought. You always have something to prove." Love his attitude and thought process.

Brady Hoke, who I have known for years, commented about the success of his recruiting efforts at Michigan, even though they have gone through some tough times in recent years. "This might sound arrogant, and, if it is, it is. We're Michigan. We have a global education. We're the winningest program in the history of college football." Although I do not get into the rivalry anymore, the OSU-Michigan game will be back. Love, Brady Hoke, but oh my.

Know of Brent Bielema's dealings with OHSFCA clinic director Mike Mauk at last winter's clinic. Class act in his communications with Mauk. A confident head coach, but did he ever make some strong comments about cheating. " If I had a dream world, I would say, hammer the guys that do not do things right." Those comments reminded me of teachers and coaches who made comments about how "trouble free" their own kids were. Be careful with such bold comments.

Braylon Edwards, even though he is on probation, is still able to get "off the hook," for another incident. Story of his life. I remember telling his dad at a Michigan summer football camp that he was gifted, but does not work hard and does not concentrate on catching the football. He told me that his coaches needed to push him harder to get in shape. Then he would concentrate better. Like I said, the story of his life.

As you can guess, I am a Luke Fickell supporter. One of his weaknesses is that he is brutally honest. Humor! My question is - how can these other schools in the past few years hire young assistants as head coaches and be successful, and OSU cannot show more confidence in Fickell? I mean -- He has played the game. He has coached at all levels. He has been in one of the most high profile college programs in the country. Plus he has charisma. Working with him over the years in recruiting, he can evaluate talent and see the intangables in a prospect. Now, OSU will probably not call me for advice, so I can relax. Humor, again!

Read where Vince Young was released from Tennessee and Reggie Bush was traded to the Miami Dolphins. Makes me think back to pro draft day when Charlie Casserly of the Houston Texans was blitzed by the "experts," for taking a DE from North Carolina State with the first overall pick. My goodness, Kiper wanted an apology from Casserly and the media went off. Some called it the "worst move" in any draft. Mario Williams started two Pro Bowls (2009 and 2010). Cannot remember how many experts retracted their statements. Sounds alot like national recruiting experts.

Monday begins the first actual day of Ohio high school football coaching. An exciting time for me. Crazy thought - some teams will not finish the season until the first week in December. OH MY !!!!!

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