Friday, July 8, 2011

Maty Mauk Commits to Missouri

Yesterday morning, Kenton QB Maty Mauk (212 Class) announced that he will be attending Missouri next year. What a breathe of fresh air! No big press conference. No five hats to try on to show a lack of character. No recruiting writers present. Mauk simply put on his facebook-" I am officially committed to play football for the University of Missouri." WOW! Being the top QB prospect in Ohio and one of the better ones throughout the country, one would expect more. Not me.

Mike Mauk, Kenton head football coach and Maty's dad, understands the recruiting process, maybe too well. Interviews with Maty were few. Maty told me that some recruiting writers used Facebook, but for the most part, his dad handled the recruiting process. Mauk talked with some reporters, but even those interviews were brief. Having gone through the same experience with his older son, Ben, he was able to closely evaluate the college programs. Sorting through all of the recruiting pitches, trying to seperate truth from fiction, was a little harder. He worked hard.

Missouri was there in the very beginning. After Brady Hoke arrived at Michigan, they became one of the favorites. Notre Dame, with Brian Kelly, who has a long history with the Mauks,was also a favorite. Ben played one year for Coach Kelly at Cincinnati, and Kelly followed Maty over the years. Cincinnati was also a favorite. Other college coaches traveled to Kenton, including Ohio State. The final choice probably down got to two, but the spread offense of Missouri was just too attractive.. Their offense is almost identical to Kenton's. Coach Pinkel was honest and did an excellent job recruiting him.

Four different college coaches told me that Maty's game video was much more impressive than his highlight video. The really good recruiters and evaluators study game video, as well as highlight video. Highlight video is really important in recruiting, but prospects should have good game video available also. Ironically, Mauk never made a real highlight video.

A simple facebook entry released the school of choice for Maty Mauk. No bells, no cameras, no football recruiting writers, and no hats. Because he just goes about his business with little emotion, I guess that I should not have been surprised. First hand, I know the decision was tough, and any choice would have been good. Missouri won.

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