Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Football guys in regional tarck

Tonight had a chance to Wynford Royals's Teven Eatmon throw the discus at the D3 regional track meet. Saw him last summer and really liked him. He had and has no idea how much potential he has as college football player. Nor did his coach want to talk about him. At 6'6 and 280, he is imposing. A natural bender with very good feet. Excellent attitude and character. Grades improving. After OSU, MICH, MICH ST, and PURDUE, among others stopped to him, his coach is starting to believe. Also talked to another prospect from Spencerville. Excellent wrestler - state competitor none the less. Strong, with good leverage, and really tough. His coach really has a hard time getting video out. Both of these players need summer camps to convince recruiters of their substance. Another local prospect who is a 50 foot SP and 150 discus thrower did not go out for track, because he wanted to concentrate on football and basketball. What's up with that? College coaches want to see you compete, especially when you can make a difference.

Blogging is not one of my strengths , because of time. But I have promised myself to get after it.

Practice what you preach

Before I get into evaluating high school players who will play at the next level, I nedd to make comments about a mistake that I made recently. One of my warnings to prospects is always be careful what you to college recruiters and to what you say to the recruiting guys in the media. I was not careful, but as always, you learn.

A few weeks ago, I was approached by one of the internet recruiting guys to comment about the Ohio Class of 2010. Of course, my comments on some prospects drew the criticism of some of the more knowledgeable fans. That was no problem. After four phone calls, I finally returned a call. The writer for this site also did an article about me that I did not realize was taking place. He used the article to promote one of his own on this site. I was flattered but I was surprised the he would write a story without telling me. Anyway, at 60 years old I should have known better. Needless to say, no more comments for the that website crew. In summary, always be careful what you say to the media, especially to recuiting guys who need you, so that they can write stories and make a living.