Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trotwood Players at UC 7on7

One of the reasons that I made the UC 7on7 trip was to see Trotwood Madison do their thing. Coach Douglas has always been one of my favorite head football coaches. Mo and I share alot of laughs together. Of course, I really wanted to visit with some of his players.

Cameron Burrows(212) tapped me on the shoulder and I faked it, because I did not know for sure who was. About 6'1-190, the guy is cut. Has played CB along time. No doubt that he can play CB at the next level. Closes well. Anticipates well. Like his DB instincts. Will have to get faster. Playing with alot more confidence this summer. Good person. 3.7GPA.

Trey williams Brown(213) is very intense. Played alot of MLB in the 7on7. Probably will put his hand down this fall. Wish that he was alittle taller(6'2), but he packs about 225. Finishes plays. Deceptive quickness. Overpowering at times. From video last fall, he needs to be more consistent. Needs to play everydown. Tough guy.

Michael McCray(213) played well at both TE and OLB. Runs well. Very athletic. Needs to keep growing into his body. Believe that he really needs to step up this fall. Needs to dominate. Excellent range. Tight end could be his position at the next level. Would not surprise me, if Michael made baseball an important part of his life. For now, football.

As usual Trotwood has some very good juniors, I have watched these three grow and mature not only as football players, but as young people, since their freshman year. Look forward to watching them for the next two years.

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