Friday, March 29, 2013

A Blog for "Old" Football Coaches

      Yesterday morning finished my taxes and sat with my accountant for two hours, but the morning was a success. I do not think my taxes are as difficult, as say, Urban Meyer's, but stressful just the same. What does a "beaten down" old retired teacher/coach do next? Decided no football scouting business for the rest of the day. Of course, head to Ohio State University's Football Clinic.
      On the way I had to stop and visit with my "Camps and Combine Guy,"  Charles Gresham at the D-1 Training Center in Worthington. Discussed the good and bad of our combines this past March. Of course, we began working on next years' combine. Yes, combine.
      At O-State, the first guy I ran into was old friend, Fred Thomas, an assistant coach at Walsh University in Canton. Fred and I first met over twenty some years ago at the MacDonalds on State Route 30, in Wooster. He was coaching at Glen Oak, and I was doing my thing with scouting. Fred has retired from teaching (years ago) and now was just recently retained at Walsh as a defensive assistant. Talked about some of our mutal coaching friends, among others, Coach Tressel. Two amazing things about Fred. One - he might be my age (64) and he still enjoys coaching and working with young people. Two - he told me he reads my blogs (sometimes). That in itself is amazing.
      Also talked with old coaching friend, Tom Santoro from Toledo. Tom coached and taught for many years at Toledo Central Catholic High School and now works on the football support staff. We always spend a few minutes chatting at clinics. Tom is always willing to help me. Two years ago he worked a combine for me in Toledo. Needed some local coaches and he was more than willing. Of course, being around my age, his wisdom is unreal. I have tremendous respect for him.
      On my way out of practice, I ran into another old friend, Val Harris. Val and I first met almost 40 years ago when he was coaching at Parkway High School. Never really coached against each other, but maintained connections over all of those years. Val, is definitely one of the "old guard" guys like me. Still is coaching junior high football at Olentangy. After getting caught up with the latest in coaching, we always talk about the "old days." Now, we are talking the "Woody Days."
      Spoke with Ohio State Director of High School Relations guy, Greg Gillum, for a few minutes.  First met him when he was on Lee Owens staff at Galion High School. Greg worked his way up  the coaching ladder and now works at O-State, both under former Coach Tressel and now under Coach Meyer. For what it means coming from John McCallister, Gillum does very well evaluating talent. Also represents Ohio State University very well. Bad thing about talking with him. He is only 52 years old, and was joking about retirement. I mean - I am 12 years his senior.
      The highlight of the afternoon was running into my very good friend Teddy Ginn. As usual, dressed in his three piece suit, Coach Ginn was all smiles. We have known each other for years. As we often joke - I knew him him when he was an "unknown football coach." Coach has undergoned some major medical problems the last two years, but has won the battles. Although he is ONLY in his fifties, I consider him an "old school" guy. There is no need to "blow-up" my appreciation of him. If you know me, or read my blogs, you understand my admiration for Coach Ted Ginn. I am looking forward to spending time with him on Monday.
      Yes, I did watch some Buckeye practice. Braxton is still Braxton. With five seniors, the OL line should be good. Linebackers are improving. The up-tempo is good. For me, watching the Ohio kids whom I have known for a long time is fun. Acknowledging each other is also fun.
      As I walk around practice, I re-assure myself that over the last 40 years, I have been a member of one the best fraternities out there. Being involved with Ohio high school football coaches - It does not get any better.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MSROHIO Underclassman Showcase Announced

       For two years we ran an Underclassman Showcase at Dublin Scioto High School in the month of June. Really successful and, I believe, we had roughly 175 campers who were just finishing either their freshman or sophomore years in high school. Of course, just players were only from Ohio.
      Last year, I had this brilliant idea to go to three different areas of Ohio with the camp in order to reach more young players. For numerous reasons this idea did not work. At least it did not work to my satisfaction. This year, back to one camp.
      On Sunday, June 9th, MSROHIO will hold a 3-4 hour football camp for prospects in the Classes of 2015 and 2016. Registration will begin at 11:30 and the Showcase camp will begin at 1:00 and last for three hours. The camp will held at Thomas Worthington High School, a northern suburb of Columbus.
      The MSROHIO Underclassman  is endorsed by the Ohio High School Football Coaches. High school football coaches will work the camp. If the schedules co-operate, some college coaches will be able to work it as well. The 15 day window will apply.
       I wanted to get the initial information out there, so that parents can begin to set their vacation and football college camp schedule.
      Very important!! This is not a combine. The combines were run in March. Everything we do will be football related. For high school players to understand that this is not a combine with testing is really important to me. Much like the combines prepare you for the tests that colleges do, this Showcase Camp will prepare you for the drills and skills that the colleges will put a prospect through at their camps.
      The flyers and registration forms should be available on the MSROHIO website at the end of next week. April 6.

Comments on Lewis Center Combine

      The MSROHIO Developmental Combine at Lewis Center, near Columbus, is now in the books. Last Sunday, 252 football prospects in the Classes of 2014, 2015, and 2016 learned and competed at the SuperKick indoor soccer facility.
      The MSROHIO combines are not in the same league as Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, or really any of the high profiled combines through the country. Our combines are probably less stressful than most. Our combines may be more consistent in that every prospect has the same timer for the 40 yard test, as well as the every tests. Just like everything that I do-- Kids come first. Not about marketing and money. Not about recruiting reporters. Plain and simple - Kids come first.
      This year's combine at Lewis Center was the most disciplined one that we had there. Three years ago coaches and parents actually were all over the field. My fault. Last year was better, but not where I wanted it in regards to field presence. My fault. This year, with some better preparation on my part, the parents and coaches were awesome. No problems.
      I always hear the comment -"This is the first time that I have ever done this test." That is what this combine is all about. College coaches understand that. If you are a freshman or sophomore, it probably is the first time, but you are preparing for the college summer camps. Also hear, " My 40 time is bad. You know, I have run 4.35." Does a high school player know just how fast a 4.35 is?" Of course, I could do like combine guys and make the "40" - 37 yards. Plus it is March, indoors.
      What helps the MSROHIO combines is the fact that the core people who work the tests have been doing it for a long time. Chuck Gresham, of D-1 Training in Columbus is simply one of the best on the watch in the 40. Having an electronic system really helps. Gives the players a chance to compare times.
      The Lewis Center results should be posted soon. One of the top performers would have to be
      Darien Miller (2014) from Westerville South. Measuring 5'9-171 (no shoes) he had a 4.48/40 - 32.3/vertical - 4.41/shuttle - 9'7/broad jump - 7.5/L-cone - 30'11/power ball.
      New Albany's Tyrell Howard (2014) measured 5'8-160 and posted a 38.4/vertical - 4.56/40 - 4.5/pro shuttle - 9'9/broad jump - 7.25/L-cone and 29'2/powerball.
      Anthony McKee (2015) from Walnut Ridge, measured 6'1-187, ran a 4.55/40 - 33.1/vertical - ran a 4.55/shuttle - 9'2/broad jump - 7.8/L-cone. and  a 33'1/powerball toss.
      Measuring 6'4-236, Kenton's Noah Furbush (2014) ran a 4.78/40 - verticaled 31.1 - ran a 4.22/shuttle - had an 8'10/broad jump - 7.37/L-cone and a 36'9/powerball. All of this on a 6'4-236 frame.(no shoes).
     Of course, there were many more excellent performances at this combine. Eventually, more combine participants will be highlighted from the Lewis Center combine, along with performances from Zanesville and Monroe.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Monroe Combine Results Posted - Thoughts on Sparq

      The results of the second MSROHIO Developmental Combine are now posted. I always feel that is better to post names in alphabetical order. Makes it easier to find names and their results.
       Forty times are often used as a measuring stick for skilled athletes. I do not always put alot of stock in the times given to the competitors, because alot of colleges give "feel good" times. If using hand-held, yes, they do. Also high school coaches usually have a "quick - finger."
       The fastest time I believe that I have ever had at one of my combines was run Sunday, by Justin Rankin. In the Class of 2015, this Elyria Catholic RB/DB ran 4.48. Timed by a man who times for men who train for the pro combines. We also had 6 other athletes run in the 4.5's. That is a record number of prospects in the 4.5's.
      Need to mention Joe Siegenthaler (2014) from New Albany. Ran 4.58/40 - 35'6/vertical - 4,48/pro shuttle - 9'7/broad jump - 7.3/L-cone - 37'4/powerball. If you compare all of the times/measurments Joe's would be tops. If you were trying to emulate a "Sparq" number, I would think that his would be the highest.
      Speaking of a Sparq score. I have a person who has put together his own version of a Sparq rating system. But I am shying away from it, because, for one, Nike and all of the other major combines are so big and have so many top quality people running their combines, I cannot be sure our scores and testing are equal. We are small combine and just have local people working ours.
       Also, with the major combines high-profile marketing, prospects get more exposure. However, I did have one college coach call me this morning about the times of one of the juniors competing at the Monroe combine. The prospect's high school coach called this MAC school and told him his player's times/measurements. The college assistant coach then called me. Hope that some college coaches trust me.
       Finally, Sparq rating is good. But I would like to put emphasis on all tests' scores and not just a total score. A Sparq score does, however, give a prospect a chance to balance out a poor test with a good test. My main goal is to be sure the prospects understand just how to do each test. Scores are secondary.
       A good trend right now and one that I really like is that alot of 2015 and some 2016 prospects are testing. Many of these underclassmen  have a chance to be high rated college prospects.When the college coaches go on the road in April, many will be searching for the Class of 2015 prospects. Sad, but this  is not going to change. Good to see that underclassmen are thinking and looking ahead.
      Sometime after this Sunday's combine at Lewis Center, I will highlight some of the top performers. Just too busy to do that now.
      Actually I am going to Thursday's OHSAA State Boys Basketball Championships. All four - Oh my!

Enjoyed State Wrestling Meet

        Old news. A few weeks ago I did something that I have never done in my world of high school sports. Should have as a coach, but never did. I sat through four hours of high school wrestling on Thursday at the OHSAA Ohio High School State Wrestling Meet.
        One of my former assistant football coaches gave me a ticket, and the seat was good. Four years - remind you. Fourteen different weight classes, but the last five, begin at 170. Not too many college football prospects under 170, but fun just the same. For sure, many tough "kids" were on the mats.
        The Upper Sandusky Rams, I believe had six wrestlers in Columbus, but fell on some tough times. But they still worked hard to get there. Most are underclassmen, making chances good that they may return next winter.
        I have watched Toledo Whitmer's Marquise Moore (285)  play defensive tackle for two years. Only 6'1, but 280 and powerful. Excellent feet. Strong. Most of all, tough. Evident that he has not wrestled much. Impressive on the mat. Will play DL at University of Toledo.
       Jon Morgan-Cunningham(285), another DL looked strong on the mat. Powerful. Much the same strengths as Moore. Impressed with his aggressiveness. Though that he took plays off on the football field, in wrestling - no way. Full speed for 6 minutes.
       Actually, Pickerington North's OL Geno Rollo(285) looked good. Listed 6'6. Good bender. Good balance. He could surprise alot of college coaches this summer. Looked huge. Could be one of the top OL guys in the Class of 2014. Finised high.
      Made a note of another heavyweight. Perrysburg's Cale Bonner (285) is in the Class of 2015. Strong, Guessing about 6'3. Watching on the mat, he will need to continue top work on his football agility. Did start on the varsity line last year. One to watch.
      Have watched Springfield's Devin Nye (220) grow and mature over the last two years. Really skinny as a sophomore. Played some TE/DE as a tenth grader. All of 6'4, he is long, with the possibility of adding good weight. If he could ever add enough weight, his best postion would be on the OL. Wrestled well. Excellent leverage.
       Really believe Moeller's Chalmer Frueauf (220) will come into his own as a DL guy at Moeller this fall. Started last year. Runs well. Changes direction. Really like his burst. Pad under pad most of the time. Could be one of the top DL guys in the Class of 2014.
       Maybe one that needs to really draw some attention this fall is Andy Struttman (220). Plays linebacker at Westerville North High School. First saw him at the Ohio State Camp. Watched him play last fall. Listed at 6'1. Moves well. Tough tackle to tackle run stopper. Also played some fullback. Team is young, which hurts him at times.
       Austin Pfarr (220) plays LB at Marysville High School. Need to see more of him this summer. Good frame. Need to watch his change direction. Does have toughness. Member of the Class of 2014.
       Two of the better potential college football players wrestling were from Cincinnati. Both 195 class wrestlers. Both juniors. Tinashe Bere plays LB at Sycamore. Really glad I saw him wrestle. Lost some weight. Moved some weight. Really wrestled tough. Good quickness. Powerful. Toughness. I hope that he can carry that package into football next fall. Another top LB in the Class of 2014 is Colerain's TeGray Scales. Runs really well on the football field. Changes direction well. Tough. Pursues well. Drops well into coverages. Will need to add much weight.
      Took notes on some other underclassmen, but too early to comment on them.
      Also watched some senior football players show their toughness on the mat.

Monday, March 18, 2013

More Than Combines or Private Camps

      The MSROHIO Developmental Combine held at the Field near Monroe went well Sunday. Between 180-185 football players participated. All grades and all levels of ability.
      Trying to tie up all of the loose ends from the Monroe combine. Plus getting ready for my last football combine which will be held at Super Kick in Lewis Center, just north of Columbus this coming Sunday. By saying this, I am making excuses for not getting the final results posted until later in the week.
      If you are good enough, someone will find you. As many know, I really believe this and talk about it alot. Sometimes it may take time and may take some convincing, but it can get done. Plus prospects have to get into camps to get exposure. If you are not a higher division high school, or do not play higher divison level schools, you just have to get in front of evaluators who count. Guys, like John McCallister do not count. College coaches count.
        I get emails and calls about "should I go to this private camp, or to this private combine, or to this private big man's camp, or to this private QB/Receivers camp?" The answer is simple. If you are a junior, probably not. A junior who is not getting much love from the college coaches right now needs to get his summer college camp schedule ready to go. Pick the schools where you can get the most exposure.
      Back to all of the private camps and combines. If you have extra money, check out the camp. I am not going to crack on these private camps and combines. Marketing is huge with them. A few years ago I attended a National Underclassman Combine. Nine o'clock in the morning. Rain. All weather track. Still ran 40's and pro-shuttle on the wet grass. Only two representatives from the NUC present. The local high school football staff ran the drills and did the testing. They did a good job, but onlytwo reps from the national combine program. They did little of anything.
       If you are in the Class of 2014 and have not been given the "sales pitch" or the "offer" by a college football program, start planning to attend some college football camps. If you are a junior, one day is good enough any place. Just about every school has a "one day" camp. Some Mid-American Conference are doing satellite programs. For example, Toledo travels to Cincinnati, Columbus, Youngstown, and some other cities to hold four hour camps. Go to the college football website and check it out. A good deal.
     Wes Martin - Milton Union High School
       Wesley Martin (2014) plays offensive and defensive line at Milton-Union High School.  A Division Four school in football. Finished the season 10-3. What area of the state are they in? Wes attended my underclassman showcase last summer. Big, strong, and aggressive. Watched his Hudl highlight video. Stays on his feet. Can block on the run. Good balance. Good punch. Needs to be a bender. Plays high at times, but can play pad under pad.
      At the msrohio combine Sunday. 6'3-296 (no shoes on either). Verticaled 26.8. Broad jump- 7'9. L-cone-7.8 (good for a lineman). Ran an excellent 4.53 pro-shuttle. Powerball - 35'1. Best of all he ran 5.14(electronic) and 5.02 (handheld) 40 yard dash. Does not have great explosion, but he is powerful and can change direction. Excellent combine for Wes Martin.
       John McCallister does not make the call and is just an evaluator. Doing well at the combine is good, but he needs more. Wes has to get infront of college coaches and perform well. The college coach make the call.  Some recruiting reporters take the credit for a player getting an "offer," which is silly. If a player is not getting much attention from the college college, he must either workout at his school in front of the college coach or get to a camp. Maybe not right, but that is they way it is.
       Hang -in-there
Easy for me to say, but hang in there. Perform well at camps. Be first in line in every drill. Play hard, because you never know when a coach is watching. Finally, play "lights-out" those first three games. Leave it on the field. I still believe if you are good enough, someone will find you.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Eastwood and McCallister - "Old School Scouts"

      After watching the movie, "Trouble with the Curve," starring Clint Eastwood, I bought the DVD. You see, not in looks or money, but I can relate to Clint Eastwood in the movie. Eastwood plays a major league baseball scout in the South. Old and being replaced by the computer world. Being "old school," he travels the back roads. But he hustles. Granted Kenton, Ohio, is not the back roads, but watching the Big School State Powerlifting Competition, I met a young man from southern Ohio.
      I had heard about this big lineman from Coal Grove High School. Coal Grove is way down in southern Ohio. Today, I met Austin Pleasant, listed at 6'7-280. A starter on the basketball team. Carries a 4.0 in the classroom. Only a sophomore, he passes the eyeball test. I have not seen his highlight video, nor have I seen compete with pads on. Hopefully, he attends the MSROHIO Developmental Combine next Sunday. I promise you that is not overweight.
      Last week, I was at the Forth and Goal combine in Toledo. Watched a young man from Rossford, Ohio compete. Probably weighed about 240 and meaured 6'4. Long frame to add alot of good weight.
The next day, I saw him put the shot put over 47 feet. Not bad for this early and not bad for a sophomore. Need to watch Nathan Childress this fall. Plays defensive tackle and tight end for Rossford High School.
      I have been working on my Ohio Class of 2015 list. I got Kraig Howe's  name from "somewhere." When I get a name from "somewhere," I check him thoroughly, before I put his name out there. Watched Hudl video this morning. Really has alot of potential. Right now he is starting for Kettering Alter High School who will be playing in the Final Four at the OHSAA State Basketball Championships this weekend in Columbus. Listed at 6'3-253, he started for the Alter football team on the DL as a sophomore. This weekend and next weekend, he will be playing with a broken nose. First saw him on  HUDL.
      Thursday night I drove to Ohio University to watch two basketball tournament games. Besides visting with old coaching friends at Ohio University, I wanted to see sophomore quarterback Joe Burrow play basketball. Listed at 6'3-185, he runs the court well. Plays aggressive defense. Excellent three point shooter. Most of all, I liked his demeanor. Sounds silly, but attitude is really important to me, especially quarterbacks. QB's just have to be good listeners (with the coach). They must be able to lead, regardless if they are only sophomores. Joe can do that. Really like his HUDL highlight video. Could possibly be my top QB in the Ohio Class of 2015. Still early, however.
      While mentioning sophomores, need to identify one more.  Stopped by to see Chuck Gresham at D-1 training facility last week and watched Westerville South's big 2015 lineman workout. Passes the eyeball test and listed at 6'5-260. Runs well. Bends well. Powerful. Looking forward to watching him in camp this summer. Like his attitude. Rob Dowdy looks the part and now I need to watch him play with pads on.
      Got caught up with the Ohio Class of 2015 in this blog, but wanted readers to know that good scouts will go anywhere to evaluate prospects. Sometimes there may be 100 prospects and you find 10. But you have also eliminated 90. Funny story-- Two recuiting reporters wanted to watch some prospects workout, but they only wanted to see the high profile players, not everybody.
      Watch the movie video, "Trouble With the Curve." Now, I am not a baseball talent guy, but I do know what a "backdoor slider" is. I can tell a "natural shooter" on the basketball floor. But not to worry, I still enjoy evaluating football players. And I was "right on" with Beanie Wells years ago.
      I do believe that "if you are good enough, someone will find you."

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lovell Peterson Smiles Today

      While watching the  Indoor Track Meet at BGSU today, I chatted with a football player/track guy whom I always had brief conversations with in the past. I mean brief conversations. Senior Lovell Peterson from Wayne High School has been a favorite of mine since his sophomore year
       Lovell started on the offensive line for Wayne High School as a sophomore. Natural bender. Excellent punch. Good feet. As a junior, he moved to defense. Defense was his favorite side of the ball and, honestly, I liked him there. But on the next level I could see him as a center. Then he was injured his junior year. I do not know the off the field/on the field problems that he had his senior year, but this past year was not a super year for him. He had offers, and Kentucky liked him well enough to offer him a scholarship, too. That was the last that I knew, until today.
       I congratulated him on his football scholarship, but he told me right away that he had "flipped, " and was going to Grand Valley State to be a "thrower." Took me by surprise, but I as I talked with him about the switch, I became convinced that the move was the best for him. Not that my opinion matters, but I thought he was content.
      Here is a guy who has had people pulling at him in all directions for at least three years of football. The expectations for him as a football recruit were huge. Watching him play football, I was concerned at times that his "motor" did not always run full speed. As we talked, I convinced him that I was not a recruiting reporter trying to add a content story to a recruiting website. Also, convinced him that the questions he answered were mine and the answers would be mine and stay mine. And they will! Now I understand the reasons for the switch.
      Today, he threw the "weight" 67 feet and 7 inches. I know "nothing" about the weight throw. But it seemed far to me. Needs to work on the shot put some, but that will come. Last year, he threw the discus 185 feet. Why not go to school to be a "thrower." The potential to be good is there.
      Today, I actually saw Lovell Peterson smile and relax as he talked with me and answered my questions. What would make a football recruit, probably rated a "4 star," decide not to follow everybody's expectations and go to Kentucky? What would make a football recruit, decide to throw the weights? What would make one of McCallister's top 6 linemen in Ohio want to throw a discus?The answers are not really that important to me.
      What is important is that a young man can go with his heart, and not with what everyone expects him to do, or that a young man can block out all of the "noise" and do what he really wants to do.
      Lovell Peterson, I would guess, has some past issues, including academics. But that is the past. I wish him the very best for the coming track season and hope to see him throw in the Ohio High School State Track Meet in June. Better yet, I hope that he is flashing the big smile that I saw today.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Excuses for Blog Disappearance

      Excuses are just like noses - everybody has one. I have simply been too busy to sit down and blog. Honestly, I wanted to, but I could not get focused to do it. Plus, I am still upset the Columbus Dispatch has raised its price to $1.50 per day. Just like Ohio State football raising their seat prices and still playing smaller school programs. Okay, but not worth the price. The Dispatch sometimes gave me ideas for my blog. Here are some excuses for being away from my blog.
Powerlifting - State Championship - Divisions Four, Five, and Six
      Today, I watched some really strong guys lift at The Ohio High School State Powerlifting Meet at Kenton High School. Divisions four, five, and six competed today. Next week, Divisions one, two, and three will lift. Each lifter gets three attempts at the bench press, squat, and deadlift. The competition is divided into weight classes from 110 pounds to heavyweight.                                        .
      Genoa was well represented. The Nutter boys looked good. Impressed with  offensive lineman Michael Dieter (2014) from Genoa. Like his attitude. Huge frame - 6'5-295. Believe that he is coming to the MSROHIO Developmental Combine at Lewis Center. Host Kenton is always high in attendance and performance. Impressed with Matt Barr (2014). Plays LB, but may be a strong safety at the next level.
      Next week the larger schools will be competing at Kenton. Not as many schools, but quality just the same.
The 4th and Goal Combine
      Friday night I was in Toledo to watch Mike Robinson's 4th and Goal Combine in Sylvania. Before attending the combine, I had coffee with University of Toledo Head Coach Matt Campbell. Actually, I wrote about Coach Campbell, when he played DE for Massillon Perry High School. Fun and enjoyable chatting with him. My two cents - An excellent young and personable head coach.
      Mike Robinson is trying to help kids in Northwest Ohio get better. He hustles and communicates with kids. I have never had success in Toledo, but I may expect too much. He seems to getting it done.
      Toledo Central Catholic's Paul Moses (2014) looked good. Some like him as a linebacker, some as a RB. For some reason, I want to see him run the ball. Big, powerful, and explosive. Excellent attitude.
      A lot of younger guys were in the combine. This is good for me, because I can identify prospects early. A defensive lineman from Rossford caught my eye. Only a sophomore, he has work to do, but I like his potential.One of the most physical prospects at the combine was a freshman from Northwest Ohio. In fact, in the last two weeks, I have met two of the most promising linebackers in the  Ohio Class of 2016.
      I worry that some of the times will get on recruiting sites. Although most of the tests were done correctly, one was not. When you have a recruiting reporter present, reporting correct times is important.
      Mike has done a good job of educating not only players, but also parents. Anytime young people learn and compete, the time is worthwhile. My two cents - he is on the right track.
High School Basketball Games 
      Watching football players play basketball is huge for me. An evaluator can learn alot about a young man, both tangible and intangible, watching him play basketball. Better than that, he can discover football players whose head coach has not sent out information on his prospects. Nor does he have highlight video available.
      Really glad that I watched Perrysburg for a second time this year. Back in December, I went to see TE/DE Nate Patterson (2014) play against Toledo Whitmer. Not only did he not leave the bench, but he showed no enthusiasm. No visible injuries. Oh my! Never said anything, but wanted to see him play against Fremont Ross. Found out that he had mono back in December. Nate, listed 6'4-220,
played hard and was really aggressive. Like his potential as a football recuit. Glad I saw Perrysburg play again.
      Pleasantly surprised to discover two "big guys" playing hoops for Fremont Ross. TE Dylan Jagodzinski (2014), listed 6'4-215, was all over the court. Tough rebounder. Also played out front on full court pressure. Like his athleticism.  Need to see some football video, but he did some good things on the basketball floor. Also liked teammate , Jarvis Jones (2014), listed at 6'5. Really good frame. Good feet. Like the way he played defense. Liked the way he ran the court. Anxious to see him on the football field.
An Ohio 2014 Top List
      Some college recruiters have asked me to come up with a top 25 list of Ohio high school players in the 2014 Class. They asked me to rank them from 1-25. That is really hard to do, but, after watching much video and studying my notes, I did that. In fact, I have put a top 50 together. Ranked from 1-50. This has taken alot of time. I just do this for colleges. Recruiting sites like Rivals, Fox, and 24-7 do this for 100 prospects. They have a staff who does this, but since I am the only eyes, their list are probably more reliable. 
      Speaking of video, after watching Hudl highlight videoes, I believe that if a high school program has the money, HUDL is the way to go. Coaches can watch practices and email them to their players. Players can make their own highlight videoes. College coaches can watch Hudl highlights or games right away. There is no advertising on the video, no bells, no music(most of the time). No banners. Just video and a circle or an arrow to identify the player. HUDL seems to be the way to go.
      Speaking of video - part two. I get request to watch Hudl video all of the time and evaluate a prospect's potential. I will tell you watching video is just a part of evaluating a prospect. Until I actually see him in person, I cannot give a true evaluation. Some people can, but I can not and will not.
A Players to Watch List in April
      Trying to get a list of 150 prospects in the Ohio Class of 2014 to post on this website. Actually have that list, but need to constantly evaluate prospects. Will add more. The list on the website will be in alphabetical order. The MSROHIO website does not need rankings to get people to visit the site. My purpose is to get some recogntion and exposure for Ohio High School football players.