Saturday, July 30, 2011

George "Bam" Bradley - Trotwood

During the UC 7on7, I evaluated Bam Bradley(212) as a free safety. Also I was able to spend a few minutes chatting with him. Needless to say, Bam has been on kind of a roller coaster ride in my recruiting notes for the last two years.

First met him his sophomore year in a scrimmage at Welcome Stadium. Passed the eyeball test. Played hard. Ran well. Excellent athlete. Closed really well on the ball. He was surrounded by some very good older players, which took some of the pressure to make plays off of him. Measured out at about 6'1-190 last year. Actually saw him as a freshman, but did not spend much time evaluating him.

Last year, Bam did not have the banner year that I was expecting. Put on weight, which made him a step slower. Made plays, but I did not see the old Bam. Although he is a solid basketball player, he may have become too focused on basketball.

Wednesday, the first thing Bam told me was that he has lost over 12 pounds. Needed to do that. Still weighing about 210. Second, he told me that he did not travel with AAU basketball this summer. Played with high school team. Both of these decisions were important and were the best for Bam. Personally, I think that he has to step it up as far as agressiveness. Would like to see the old Bam again.

I never pay attention to offers, because facts are not always facts. I like Bam Bradley alot, but he really has to play well in the first three games this fall to be one of the top prospects on my recruiting list. Believe with hard, he may be a DB at the next level and not an OLB.

His roller coaster is speeding to the top. Bam will be fine.

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