Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OHSFCA Developmental Combine News

On my way to Columbus this morning, I stopped at the D1 Training Center. Needed to do some double checking on seating and actual field size. Why? The early pre-registration has and is going very well. Have also fielded calls and emails from parents who have not registered, but plan to attend. For our first "rodeo" everything seems to be going well. My major concern is the surprising number of prospects planning to attend.

Due to safety concerns, parents and coaches will need to be on the second level. Only workers and participants will be in the workout and testing area. The training center is just that. That is, no full length football field, or full width of a football field. However, it is an excellent training area for combine testing.

Because of limited room, the D1 Training Center will be closed to the public. We are teaching and testing the participants. That is our number one priority.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

MSROHIO Making Some Changes

Some of my college, as well as high school, coaching friends have "dogged" on me about the changes that I have been making to my scouting and evaluation program. Even my "adult kids" have fun with it. With that being said, my website is also undergoing some changes. There will be more to come.(hopefully) I have two guys here in Upper Sandusky who are now involved with just the website.

Another change. My sarcasm was starting to show in my blogs. Really, somewhat silly on my part. Although I taught alot about Mark Twain, I am not as good as he was. Anyway, no more sarcasm. The purpose of msrohio is not to vent my opinions thru sarcasm. Hopefully, msrohio will provide information and recruiting insight to players and parents. My thoughts on the recruiting process willbe evident, but in a professional way. Also at times, I like to recognize people whom I admire.

Another change. Eventually, I would to provide information to high school football coaches with what is happening with Ohio High School football. Not on the top shelf yet, but giving it some thought.

Lastly, I, honestly, do not know how to approach this issue. According to two guys in Columbus and one guy in Findlay, I was the subject of a sports message board(I guess that is the title) recently. I guess one sentence in the whole blog upset some people. I have talked with the internet media guy and corrected the situation. He and I do not always agree in philosophy, but he is out there busting his butt.

Some advice to young people that I always told my players. (1) If someone is talking about me as a coach, they are not talking about you. (2) When someone is critical of your play, before you get upset, consider the source. (3) Sometimes it is okay to walk away from a winless situation.(4)A poster on my wall read,"Sometimes Fame Costs too Much."

Take care. Baseball and track season are right around the corner.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Combines Good and Bad

Three years ago I attended a football camp where the campers were going through the basic speed tests. The Pro-shuttle was giving some of the campers real problems. First time for many of the campers. All the while, the person timing, never got up off of the chair to help the guys being tested. Thus began my plans to host an educational football combine.

This month the first Ohio High School Football Coaches Developmental Combine will be held at the D1 Training Center in Columbus. The first part of the day will be instruction. After a short break, prospects will be tested in the usual combine tests. The 40 yard dash, the pro-shuttle, the L-shaped cone drill, the power ball throw, the vertical, and the long jump. The results will be sent to colleges all over the country. Of course, prospects will have the choice to record the results.

Even as a head football coach,I have never been blown away by the bench press. Long arm guys are at a disadvantage. I have some concern for safety. Bench press results do not always indicate how well a player changes direction and how well he can play football. Of course, the bench press helps a player get stronger and faster, but I do not how much the results football ability potential. We are using the power ball test.

Combines are a good way to get football prospects ready for the college football camps in the summer. With my combine, I hope campers leave with the confidence that they understand how to perform the tests. The results are really secondary. Honestly, how many propects are in the same condition now that they will be in August. But if they understand what is asked of them at college camps, they will be much more comfortable after attending the OHSFCA Combine.

At the OHSFCA Developmental Combine only the instructors and prospects will be allowed in the testing area. Parents and coaches will be upstairs on the balcony. These are safety precautions. Because it is educational and space is limited, we can only accomodate parents and coaches.

Concerning different combine results, many college coaches are more concerned if a new name has popped up on the list, rather than the times of the participant. For example, a dad called me recently to tell me his son ran a 4.4/40 at a combine in February. I was not there, so I believe him. But wow! that is fast. He has really improved his time.

There are many combines across Ohio and the nation. Some, like Nike, measure alot of different drills. Some have campers rated either by points or scouts. My thinking is that anytime we can promote kids and the game of Ohio high school football, we are doing a good thing. My only suggestions to prospects and parents are to make sure the combine is run with qualified personnel, that all measurements are accurate, and that more than just a camp ranking, you leave with the knowledge and experience gain to make you a better college football recruit.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wrestling in Columbus

Upper Sandusky did not have a wrestling program back in the day. In fact, the only wrestling I followed were guys like Bobo Brazil and Chief White Owl. Over the years, however, I have become a fan of Ohio High School wrestling. "Man on man" and no one to blame, but the wrestler himself. With my scouting business, watching football prospects on the mat is just another way to evaluate.

Tylor Trautwein(Fremont Ross) wrestles 189. Plays LB at Ross, but will need to improve overall speed. As soon as wrestling is over, he will add 20 pounds and be a force. Not a 1A guy for me yet, but a scholarship guy.

Anthony Wise(Massillon Perry) wrestles 215. 40-5 for the season. Started out last season at DE, but moved inside due to no defensive tackles. Like him at DE or LB, but if he can get really big, may be able to play inside. Tough enough and quick enough. Just get bigger.

Kyle Rose(Centerville) wrestles at 215. Finished 5th last year. Plays DE for the Hawks. Really like his toughness and quickness. Motor runs all of the time. Hard to ask him to gain weight, because if things go well, he should be wrestling in the finals both this year and next year.

Evan Jackson(Bishop Hartley) wrestles at 215. Liked Evan on the football field last fall. Today, I can watch for toughness, leverage, and balance. Not really well known right now in the recruiting world, but one who needs to be evaluated.

Watched Mike Strenger(Clinton Massie) as a run stopper against Kenton in the playoffs last year. Big heavyweight with 36-7 record. Really tough and has good leverage. Want to see quickness and just how proportioned his body is.

One of the seniors who I am looking forward to watching is heavyweight Tyler Obringer(Spencerville). A D3 wrestler(42-1) who is going to Ball State on a football scholarship. First saw Tyler on the wrestling mat his sophomore year and admired his toughness. Needs fine tuned as a football player, but should really add to Ball State football in two years.

Part of the fun of going to track meets and wrestling matches is to try to discover a prospect who I was not aware of before. Basketball is a little different, because are really just looking at certain kids. In all cases, you see prospects a different way. Also of importance, you have a chance to watch underclassmen perform early in their careers. Although video study is really important, scouting and evaluating is much more.

Probably will not see the "coco butt" or the "flying mare," but I will see very tough competitors at all weights trying to be the best individuals they can be. Looking forward to it.