Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reed Worstell - Glen Oak QB

When evaluating high school players who have a chance to play Division 1 college football, seeing them in person is huge. Watching video is important, but seeing them live is very important. Supposedly, there is a recruiting writer in Ohio who never leaves his house and evaluates prospects. That must be tough to do. For me, I try to see them in person as often as possible. Such was the case with QB Reed Worstell(2013 Class) of Canton Glen Oak.

Heard alot about Worstell. Saw him just alittle, last year at Canton McKinley. This summer I watched him at an Ohio State camp. He got better as the camp progressed, but he really did not play well early. In fact, he was not very good, and I was expecting alot more. By the end of the day, he was better, but just above average.

Last Saturday at Fawcett, a different Reed Worstell. Watched him in warm-ups. Much better arm strength. Much better feet. After I joked with him, he actually smiled. Once into competition, Reed was the "guy." Made a mistake on the first play, and coaches got on his case. He listened and from then on, played well considering his teammates, coaches, and offensive system are new to him. Really good feet. Can make all of the throws. Can air it out. Carries out fakes. Made some good reads. At least 6'3. He will have to learn to come under center, but seems to be getting it down.

Found out that at O-State camp, he was really sick. Probably alittle nervous too, but was sick. For me, I am really glad that I got an early second evaluation. Only a junior, so I will see him a few more times.

Reed Worstell will be one of the top quarterbacks in the Ohio 2013 Class. Good size. Like his quarterback insincts. A passer, not a thrower. Plus his quarterback coach at Glen Oak is very good. Glen Oak does has a strong running game, but Reed will be fine and is only a junior.

Glad I made the trip to see him a second time in a month.

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