Monday, September 27, 2010

Tyler O'Conner A Division 5 QB

During 2-a-days last August, I stopped in Lima to see 212 QB- Tyler O'Conner from Lima Central Catholic. I had heard the name through some recruiting sites, but I never put much stock in evaluations from these sites. As it turned out, Tyler was not practicing that day. Last Saturday night I went to Lima to see him play. Great move on my part.

Tyler does everything for his football team. The starting QB, due to some injuries, he started at FS, punted very well, was short on a 43 yard field goal attempt, and kicked off to the five yard line. Add to the fact, that he is an excellent team leader.

Tyler has all of the tools to be a highly recruited QB at the D-1 college level. He is 6'2 and weighs just over 200. Moves well in the pocket. Needs to improve speed, but has good escapability. Good pocket presence. LCC runs the spread with the direct snap, but Tyler also comes up under center. Like the fact that he does both. Looked comfortable in the 5 step drop.

Arm strength is good. Deep pass is evident. Very quick release. One of the better releases that I have seen this fall. Footwork is good. Opens hips. Good body control. Stands tall and sees the field. Seems to read coverages well. Makes good decisions.

Does not shy away from contact. In fact, he could be a LB someday. For now, he needs to put all his energies into quarterbacking, and I am sure he will.

Major knock will be level of competition. Out of his control, of course. Tyler needs to focus on the season. Keep working on his speed and agility. Get into some camps next summer. I really like his potential, but I am one of those who is concerned about level of competition. Have a feeling, however, that he will be just fine.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chris Carter - Cleveland JFK

Last Friday afternoon I watched Cleveland JFK host Cleveland John Marshall. The largest percentage of evaluations are in the Classes of 212, 213, and sometimes 214. Really was there to watch Trayvon Williams (213) WR from JFK, DeAndre Brown(212) ATH from John Marshall, and others. But my most pleasanr surprise was watching Chris Carter(211) OL/DL from JFK.

Quite frankly, O-State is getting a real football player. At least 6'3 and knocking on 300 pounds. Much more than one of those big fat linemen who are only straight ahead blockers and eventually move to a guard postion. Chris can trap, lead, and get on linebackers. Very explosive and is simply powerful. Finishes plays.

Did not play much defense against John Marshall, but I could see him as 3 tech inside guy. He plays pad under pad and has the punch. Definitely can play gap tech.
The burst to be a speed rusher.

We talked briefly and told him that he was much better than I expected. Much better. Told him Ohio State is getting a quality person, as well as a player. He smiled and said, "thanks for all of your help and you were responsible for me getting there." Of course, that is not true, but I really appreciated him saying that.

Chris Carter will represent the city of Cleveland well. Just like Ohio State, Glenville cannot get them all. Most of you know, Ted Ginn is a very close friend of mine and that comment was made in fun.