Thursday, July 7, 2011

Najee Murray - Steubenville High School

Congrats to Najee Murray from Steubenville on his verbal commitment to play football at Ohio State University. The best of the early O-State commitments to date.

Watched him as a sophomore. Knew that he was an athlete who could play alot of positions. Playing for Reno Saccoccia, knew that he was tough. Just wanted to see how fast that he actually was. After watching him play last year, knew that he could play. After watching his highlight tape, no question that he was one of the top DB's in Ohio. This spring he ran on Steubenville's 4X100 and 4X200 relay teams. For me, the clincher was his impressive work at Ohio State's June 12 senior camp.

A definite inside DB prospect with his 5'10-170 size. Hips are alittle tight, but with work, he may be able to line up at corner. Like the way he breaks on the ball. Run stopper. Very physical, but has to be to play at Steubenville. Excellent overall speed, but will get faster with speed training. Will have to improve recovery speed, but that should be no problem. Biggest asset - flat-out very tough competitior who will strike you.

Needless to say, Najee Murray is a welcomed addition to Ohio State football. Like his attitude and character. Like his self-confidence. Like his attitude toward the situation a of the O-State football program. Not worried about sanctions, Believe that he needs to get to the library more often, but he will be okay. Hope that I get the opportunity to see him play this fall.

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