Friday, August 30, 2013

Middletown Football

       Earlier today I stopped by Middletown High School to visit with head football coach Troy Everhart. We have been friends for a long time, and at one time were friendly competitors in the scouting business. Coach worked for the Forbes Report. My purpose was to congratulate him on his team's play against Cincinnati Elder last night.
      During lunch I met junior EJ Colson who had a 99 yard kickoff return last night. The first this year that I have seen someone with "jets." Once he got to the sideline, he shifted into fifth gear. Fast. Right now EJ is playing mostly defense. Needs to really focus on assignments on the offensive side of the ball. EJ is considered small. (by unintelligent football people). My argument is that he is not small, but short. Listed 5'8- 170, the guy is put together.
     Especially in the South, almost every team has that short RB, who is also compact, strong, and fast.  There is a place for those guys. Kickoff and punt return teams feature them all of the time. Running a KO back 99 yards is s good example.
     Players like EJ Colson need to get in the backfield and on special teams. The adjectives - short and small mean different things. Now if a player were listed 5'8-150, the story might be different.
     Also spoke with sophomore QB Allante Simmons who directed the option offense last night. Listed 5'10-178, but he, too, is compact, but can run. The offense fits his abilities. Once he settles in, he will be one to watch over the next three years.
      The one player who is not short is junior RB Y'vonte Glover. Listed 6'0-233, he is powerful and moves well for a big back. Still learning the running back position, but should be highly recruited this winter. First saw him in track last spring. The dreadlocks threw me off alittle, being the old school guy that I am. Great attitude. Works hard in weight room.
       TE Chance Sorrell is heading to Vanderbilt. Listed 6'6-258, Chance will be a fine offensive lineman for Vandy. Good athletic skills, but just too stiff to be a really good tight end prospect. To a certain extent, Chance's story is sad. He just turned 17 this month. If he were entering his junior year, rather than his senior year, he would be a top O-line recruit. But that is not going to happen. He should have a nice career at Vanderbilt.
         Realizing that Middletown is a young team, Coach Everhart showed the patience of a veteran coach. Now if the Middies were senior dominated - different story. Always amazes me when a veteran head football coach jumps all over a sophomore starter, especially if he a quarterback.
         When I visit with a coach, I always learn alot about football and news away from football. Meeting and chatting with players is the most important thing. Forty minutes with Head Coach Troy Everhart was time well spent. Remember the differance between short and small!!!!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

LaSalle High School and Some of my Camp Guys

       When my young, good friend, Nate Moore was offered and then accepted the Cincinnati LaSalle High School head football coaching last spring, I was excited for him. But I was also alittle concerned, because LaSalle plays Moeller, St Xavier, and Elder every year. Big time football. Last night at the Cincinnati Crosstown Showdown, LaSalle played well and looked sharp as they defeated Cincinnati Oak Hills. Although only the first game, Coach Moore is off to a good start.
      Also, as exciting, was the play of some of the young players who attended my football camp last June.
      Sophomore QB Nick Watson threw five touchdown passes and was 18 of 29. Really like his ability to lead. Only 5'10, but he sees the field and understands coverages. Throws well on the run, as well as in the pocket. Can spin-it, but as he gets bigger and stronger, rpm's will get better. Should be one of the better QB's in the Class of 2016. Plus, he has a super attitude and can lead as a sophomore.
      Junior wide receiver, Kevin Ferguson, also attended my underclassman camp. Caught 6 passes for 106 yards. Caught a 31 yard touchdown pass. Tough competitor. Excellent ball catcher. Concentrates well. Really good burst. Elusive after the catch. Lines up in the slot, but, also played some defense. Wish he were just a little taller, but still has tremendous potential.
      RB Jeremy Larkin was also at the underclassman camp. Listed 5'11-170, and only a sophomore. Caught two TD passes, and ran for another. Gets north-south. Excellent burst. Excellent feet for sophomore. Can break tackles. 2nd and 3d effort. Like the way he can stop and go. Excellent body control. Also has tremendous potential.
      Junior John Junker, listed at 6'3-200, played OLB last night. Needs to keep getting stronger, but I liked the way he played last night. Stays on his feet and can fight thru "junk" to make plays. Seemed to be in the right position most of of the time. Frame to get much bigger and stronger. Good speed coming off the edge. Closes on QB well. Also a camp guy.
      Another junior who I really liked was  DL .Jordan Thompson. Listed 6'3-247. Have watched him since his freshan year. In past years, I thought that he took plays off. Not last night. Played mostly inside and was excellent as a pass rusher. Gets off blocks and can find the ball. Like his closing speed. Needs to find the right fit on the next level. Really like him coming off the edge, but may have to add weight to play inside. One of best DL guys in the 2015 Class.
      Usually spend most of my time evaluating underclassmen and under the radar seniors. But I need to mention seniors, Derek Kief and Izaiah Fuller. Last summer, I heard all of the negatives about Derek Kief, as a recruit. I have never seen him have a bad game. Tall and long. Tremendous concentration and ball catching skills.  Listed 6'6-198. (Maybe not that tall).Excellent burst. As skinny as he is, I really like his toughness. Alabama got a good receiver. Izaiah Fuller is much the same as Derek, but shorter. Slender and listed 6'4-180. Ohio University got even a better deal.
       Last night I was told that a few weeks ago one of the internet recruiting reporters put on a message board who he thought was the top QB in the 2016 Class. Apparently, he has not seen Nick Watson or the some of the other young QB's in Southwest Ohio.
      LaSalle has a nice mix of youth and experience. Have no idea of how many games they can win. Do not know strength of schedule. Do know that I am happy for head coach Nate Moore getting his first win. Of course, watching some of my camp guys do well was fun.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Jerome Baker - One of the Best in 2015

       Last Thursday evening, I got my first look at Cleveland Benedictine's Jerome Baker. Some consider him the top football recruit in the Ohio Class of 2015. Some consider him in the top ten. For me, I would say a top ten, and a definite top ten 2015 athlete playing football.
       First met him at my combine in Medina, when he was just a freshman. He put up really good numbers and was very talented in our one on ones. I told him at the time that had excellent potential and to keep focused and not get caught in all of the "recruiting noise" that he would get from recruiting reporters. Thursday night he told me that he remembered. I hope that it holds true.
      Last year, I saw Jerome play against Cleveland NDCL on a Saturday afternoon. Really athletic and ran well. Only a sophomore, but I wanted more. Needed to be more aggressive at times. Liked his closing speed, Just wanted him to play better.
      Thursday night, he did more of that. His closing speed on the QB or a back is really good. He bends and runs thru the ball carrier. Really like his last three steps. Plays LB on defensive. Likes to cover sideline to sideline. Listed at 6'1-205. More of an OLB, as opposed to a true "mike.". Good hips, but needs to get better change of direction. Like his burst.
       Jerome wants to be a ball carrier. In fact, that is what position he worked on at the OSU camp. Did not get to see him much at RB. Not enough to evaluate. For Benedictine, most of the time he was in the slot. Simply can play a lot of positions. Too early to comment on RB skills. I will let Jerome work on those skills.
       A top ten in the Ohio 2015 Class? For sure. Natural abilities make him such. Competitive nature makes him such. Two years to find his best position. Could see him being an OLB or  SS type. Weigh about 230. Run down hill really well. Explosive finisher as a tackler. Better hip rotation. Athleticism to get "through junk," to make tackles. Most of all, Jerome Baker should represent any college football program well both on and off the field.

Quarterbacks - "Core Muscles"

       Quarterbacks have always been an interesting study for me, because I think that I know what I am talking about, but at times, I wonder. At 5'10-215, I really was not considered QB material at Upper Sandusky High School in the 60's. Offensive guard or center, yes, but not QB.
      Quarterbacking all begins with the feet and works up and stops at the neck. The head-- reading defenses and making decisions is a whole other area. In this blog, my comments are about arm strength.
      I have watched both Ben and Matty Mauk grow up as QB's at Kenton High School. Unbelievable arm strength passing the ball. If you would meet them, they have strong biceps, but even stronger  core muscles. O-State QB Braxton Miller has really strong core muscles which makes is arm strength really good. As I have watched QBs this summer, the subject of core muscles really becomes important.
      Much of the arm strength comes from the "core" muscles. I must warn you that I am not a specialist or a physical trainer like my guy, Charles Gresham. Also, I do not have the extra time to spend researching this subject. The core muscles are the area of the belly, or abdominal area and the mid and lower back (not the shoulders). As I understand it, the outer edge muscles include the hips, the shoulders, and the neck.
       If you are a young quarterback, you must find time to develop your core muscles. I realize that many QB's also play basketball and some, also, either play baseball or run track. With basketball, comes AAU summer basketball. I also realize that a young man is only in high school for four years and that he should play as many sports, as possible. But, during those four years, an athlete with college football potential,  must spend time getting stronger. For QB's - develop the core muscles.
       One of the better QB prospects in the Ohio 2014 Class really needs to improve his arm strength to compete at the next level. He has committed to an excellent program, so he must be ready to compete. A dedicated three sport guy who has neglected physical training, he must make to get stronger core muscles.
       Really like the potential of Benedictine's QB Brian Schoeffler (2016). Like his QB presence and throwing motion. Good size, but he will need to continually work on arm strength. Granted only a sophomore, but core strength training will be important. Watched him against Cleveland Heights and liked his QB presence.
       Last week I watched a junior QB from Millbury Lake High School. We even joked about this, but when I first saw him as a freshman, he was 6'0-155 and I was concerned about arm strength. Now he is, maybe, 6'2, but weighs 190. He told me strength training has been really important in developing a stronger arm. He can spin it now. His ball gets out so much better. Jared Rettig works hard, and he will surprise college coaches next summer.
      Last night I talked with Midview High School QB Cody Calloway. Committed to Bowling Green last summer. I asked him about importance of core muscle development. Answer - "Huge." Cody's ball has always gotten out quickly, but now even more quickly. One look at him and you can tell that he has been physically training. His problem actually is "trying to throw too hard." That is a whole different subject.
     "Core muscles" is a subject that I wanted hit on briefly. I just do not have the education to go into it deeply, but I realize the importance of core training for young high school athletes. Technique is important in lifting and be sure to lift properly. Quarterbacks make time to get stronger core muscles in the off season. If there is no off season, find time during your sport. The time will be well spent.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Watkins Memorial HS - OL Kyle Hickin

      New technology. Three summers ago, I was told by a college  "video guy" that guys like me were going to be taken over in the video business.  Modern video systems like Hudl were going to take over. Soon after, I backed way down on my video work. The video guy was right.
      Today, I received a text from the head coach at Watkins Memorial High School, Jeff Severino. I had asked him about an offensive lineman for Watkins Memorial. In his text was the player's name, size, GPA, and a few comments. After getting the text, I googled him and found a players profile, along with a highlight film. Within 35 minutes, I was able to evaluate a player whom I only "just knew about."
       Kyle Hickin (2014) plays offensive tackle for Watkins Memorial. Carries a 3.0 GPA and scored a 26 on the ACT. Kyle is very well diversified student. Not only is he a big offensive tackle, but takes singing in the choir very seriously. At 6'6-285, he can sing wherever he pleases.
      Off of his video, I like the way he runs. Really athletic. Can block on second level. His feet are his strength. Needs to continue to get stronger. Needs to be a much better bender. Stays with a defender whichever way he turns. Stays on his feet. Needs a better first step. Like the way he can mirror a defender. Also plays some defense. Actually plays pad-under-pad on defense.
      Like his potential. Enough that I need to see him play in person, so I will be making a trip to Watkins Memorial High School to check him out.
      I do not know for sure what Scouting Ohio is doing now, but I know that Hudl is good. In the past, Scouting Ohio, with some solid financial backing, has really done well putting video out there. Hudl has video available on the spot. Plus a player can make his own highlight video. From what I hear, it is an expensive investment for a high school football program. Although pricey, it makes recruiting a lot easier for coaches at both the high school coach, as well as, the college recruiter.
      Just yesterday, I received an email from a player from Galion High School who had plays from his first scrimmage available to me. Just think, I remember when high school coaches shot "Super Eight" and moved on to 16 millimeter. Sitting around waiting for your tape to get developed at 3AM
was always fun.
      Back to Kyle Hickin. Looking forward to watching him in person. Seniors fall through the cracks all of the time.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Meet Heath Reineke - Ashland HS DE

       By the nature of what I do for the colleges, I do not really evaluate seniors, or as in this case, Ohio 2014 prospects. For the most part, most of these prospects have been thoroughly evaluated and many have "offers." Most of my work now is on the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Classes. I do, however, watch seniors that I like, but are not getting a lot of "love" from college recruiters. I evaluate them because they may be "slipping through the cracks."Such is the case with Ashland High School senior DE Heath Reineke.
       The first time I saw him was at the Cleveland Brown's combine last February. A little skinny, but he could really come off the edge. Motor was in full speed mode in every drill. Needed to work on change of direction and get stronger, but he could really run. Liked his hip rotation. Liked the way he competed. During the individual drills, he was aggressive. Thought that he had a chance.
      Last Thursday I went to North Canton Hoover to watch Ty Green and him scrimmage. OL/DL Ty Green was another Ashland guy who I wanted to see. He was also at the Browns combine. Ty needs to really work on quickness and being a better bender, but he is really strong. Most of my attention was directed toward Heath. He did not let me down.
      Heath is listed 6'3-225 and has that "old" A J Hawk look with the hair. Actually looks intimidating coming off the edge. Puts his hand down and flies. That is also something he needs to work on - discipline. Needs to use his hands better and keep his eyes open. Like his takeoff. Can run through garbage and run down QB from behind.
      This year he is also dropping into an OLB position. Can also blitz and apply pressure. Needs to improve change of direction. Physicality is no problem. Needs to learn to play in space.
      Although he has the "wild" look, he carries a 4.0 in the classroom. I know that he has an offer from Toledo, but I do not know for sure that he has committed to them.
      Just the first scrimmage and I will probably not see him again this fall. I really like his potential. Last year, he was honorable mention all conference. Hard off season work has paid off. This year more honors should come his way.

More Scrimmages

       Last Thursday morning, I watched Ashland scrimmage North Canton Hoover. I try to make this scrimmage whenever possible. Both coaches, Scott Valentine(Ashland) and Don Hertler (Hoover) always have their teams ready to play and every year they have players who need to be evaluated.
       Hoover's Luke Grandjean is an all around athlete and this year is playing QB. Tall and moves really well. Excellent hands. Last year, he played WR. Also was impressed with Hoover TE Ian Baker (2015). Listed 6'4-210 and will fill out. Moves well. Played DE/TE, but could end up as an OL guy on the next level. Good bender. Liked his aggressiveness. Athleticism is a strength. DB/WR Tyler Drabick (2016) also caught my eye. I understand that he is a really good basketball player, but I like him in the secondary or as a wide out. Actually looks like he could line up at QB. Really good athlete.
       First saw Ashland players, Ty Green (2014) and Heath Reineke (2014) at the Cleveland Browns combine last February. OL/DL Ty Green, listed 6'2-255 is strong and powerful. Solid feet, but needs to be a better bender. Probably a better OL guy. Like his toughness. Heath really impressed me with his toughness and his constant motor. Listed 6'3-225, not only plays defensive end, but this year is playing some OLB. Very underrated as an edge guy. OL Drew Dickenson (2015) is solid OL prospect. Guessin 6'3-250, but will get bigger. Liked his feet. Good base on pass blocking. Solid bender. Possible center.
      Friday morning watched Coldwater take on Greenville. Made the trip to watch Greenville's Bryce Jenkinson (2015). Listed 6'1-210 and maybe one of the most explosive players that I have seen this early season. Been injury plagued early in his career, but his legs are okay now. Really like his closing speed.
      The Lake (Millbury) and Huron scrimmage Friday night was a good one. Huron's Cody Thompson (2014) is a true athlete. Listed 6'2-185, he has really quick feet. Former WR, but is playing QB this fall. Next year he will move back to WR for the Toledo Rockets. One of my camp guys, Lake's QB Jared Rettig (2015) ran and passed the ball really well. Guessin 6'2-195, if he keeps improving, he will be one of the top QB's in his Ohio Class of 2015 going into his senior year.
      Watched my hometown Upper Sandusky Rams, Saturday morning. They played well against a solid Mansfield Madison team. Small in numbers, but they play hard. Senior Tyler Pritchard plays LB, but also starts at QB. His throwing mechanics need improved, but he makes plays. Understands coverage. Good football player.
     Good weekend and saw a lot of good high school football. Only 16 weeks to go.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Day for Football Scrimmages

       First day of scrimmages in the book. In the morning saw some of the Aurora-Elyria scrimmage and then went a short distance to watch Columbia - Keystone. Last evening made the trip south to watch Marion Franklin, Lancaster, Kenton, and Olentangy. Good programs - good players.
      First time to watch a Bob Mihalik (Aurora) coached team for a while. Only saw a few plays, but I like the potential of sophomore OL/DL Josh Berger. Listed 6'4-285 and also a heavyweight wrestler. QB George Bollas is a Kent State commit. Listed 6'3-190 and like him as an athlete.
Liked Elyria's CB Church (2015) at corner. Listed 5'10-160. Recovers well. Back pedals. Improve speed. Both running backs, Jeron Connor and JumarrLewis ran well. Both short, but compact gave second effort.
      Have written before about Keystone's CJ Conrad. Listed 6'5-220. Best position is probably TE. Like him on defense, but time will tell. Excellent hands. First year to line-up at tight end, but should be one of the top three TE's in his class. Really wanted to see Columbia's OL Brandon Heidecker. Listed 6'5-275 and like his athleticism. Good base on pass blocking. Good bender. Needs to be more aggressive at times. Columbia QB Jay Banyasz (2014) is a good athlete. Better runner than passer. Solid FS. Needs to improve speed.
      Olentangy QB Noah Durst (2014) looked good at times. Like his poise and leadership. Understands the offense. First year starter continues to improve as a passer, and has potential to be good. Center Andy Simms continues to improve at center. Weighs 270 and kept quickness. Like his toughness.
      DE/OLB Noah Furbush (2014) looked solid for Kenton. Closes well on ball carrier. Changes direction well. Super competitor and very athletic. Really believe if WR Justin Sawmiller (2014) were two inches taller and one-tenth a second faster, he would be a no-brainer D-1 recruit. Excellent hands. Excellent presence as a wide out. DB Matt Bahr (2014) covers sideline to sideline well. Like his toughness on run support. Newcomer Tristan Reichelderfer (2015) played well at times from his ILB position. Junior OL Larry Wells listed 6'7-290 continues to improve from his left tackle position. Could be very good his senior year.
       OL Kyle Trout (2014) and an Ohio State commitment looked strong and is very athletic. Have always liked him, and he has added toughness to his strengths. QB Alex Butsko (2015) has been to my combines and showed much toughness yesterday. First year as starting QB. Shortness may move him to defense on the next level, but his competitiveness really impressed me.
       Former defensive lineman AJ Harvin (2015) has moved to LBer, but his presence is really felt at running back. Listed 5'10-240, he was a beast running the ball. Good balance. Good burst. Just a tough football player. DL Shemar Moss listed 6'1-220 explodes off LOS. Needs to play under control more often. Tough. Quick. Possibly an LB on the next level. OL Martesse Patterson, listed 6'5-290 looked good in spurts. I did not see him until after he had scrimmaged two other teams. Not fair for me to evaluate him. Good bender. Explosive at times. He was on fumes. Really good prospect, however.
       These are just some of the players whom I was able to watch.

Monday, August 12, 2013

My Cleveland Browns ?

       Almost bought my first ever Cleveland Browns hat over the weekend, but did not. Dark camo with the Cleveland Browns logo on it. Am I too old for camo, I do not know. Just as well, I will get one. Never have been a real fan of the Browns, even in the Belichick era. Do remember Blanton Collier. But I really like what is going on now and the direction that the team is taking.
       Being an Ohio high school football guy, when I hear of former Ohio high school players playing in the NFL, I feel good. If you have read many of my blogs, I always encourage young players who do not make it to Ohio State, to work hard at where ever they go to college. Now, I am not anti Ohio State, but some players, more so parents(at times), feel that if O-State does not offer, they question their son's ability. This does not happen all of the time, but enough times for me.
       Hats off to John Hughes, from Gahanna Lincoln High School and the University of Cincinnati. For John it just clicked for him at UC. Solid coming out of high school, but his athleticism was really good. Now getting a lot of playing time for the Browns.
      Hats off to Ishmaa'ily Kitchen who has been playing well for the Browns. Overweight and a "take plays off" guy at Youngstown Mooney. But athletic and moved well, when he chose to. Much the same at Kent State, and the light came on playing with the Flashes. Best of all, excellent person.
      I remember when Ashante Williams (Mayfield) signed with Illinois back in 2008. Played 43 games for Illinois. Ashante just signed with the Indianapolis Colts. Thought that he was a BCS prospect coming out of Mayfield, but he was all of that and more. Hope he sticks with Indianapolis.
      QB Brian Hoyer from St Ignatius High School has returned to Cleveland and is trying to win the back-up QB position with the Browns. Played at Michigan State and with the New England Patriots. Have always liked his QB skills (needs more rpm's), but his QB intelligence and decision making are huge.    
      One former OSU player, Daniel Herron continues to work hard and I hope stays with the Bengals. Remember watching him work out at the University of Michigan summer camp years ago. He plays with every bit of his ability, which is impressive to me.
      The biggest reason for me  almost buying a Brown's cap is that I am rooting for head coach Rob Chudzinski. Another Ohio high school guy who went on to play at Miami (Florida). Chud has spent time as an assistant coach in the NFL and deserves a shot. One of my close friends who has retired after coaching in the NFL, just chuckled when Chudzinski was announced as the Browns new head coach. That alone put me in Chud's corner.
      Of course, there is the Cleveland legend Bernie Kosar, who played at Boardman High School, University of Miami(Florida) and the Cleveland Browns. He made news last week as the analyst for the t-v coverage of the Browns. Arrogant, self-centered, and over-rated. Joe Banner (Browns president) commented on the "stupid" comments that Kosar made, but they are still letting him do the three remaining broadcasts. Kosar has enough problems of his own and should stay away from making sarcastic comments on players and coaches. Coach Bill Belichick knew how to handle him. Get rid of him. But what has Belichick ever done?
       Advice to high school football players. Work hard, and even though Ohio State University is a storied program, and is a first class school, do not be discouraged if an OSU offer does not come your way. If in the "big picture," you want to play in the NFL, there are different roads to travel to get there. Secondly, guys like Bernie Kosar are everywhere. Full of themselves. Do not listen to all of the "noise" out there. This includes sports reporters, talk show people, and recruiting reporters.
       Scrimmages start this week. If you are lucky, you may be playing football the first weekend in December. Do not worry about what you cannot control. Working and playing hard - you can control. Go BROWNS!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Some QB's in the Ohio Class of 2015

        As of right now, there are no "top-top" QB prospects in the Ohio Class of 2015. Now that is not a negative, just the way I see it. The easiest positions to evaluate in shorts/t-shirts are probably QB's and WR's. Watched Wooster's Cameron Daugherty yesterday. Tomorrow we will be in Columbus to watch Upper Arlington's Kyle Kaparos . Worthington Kilbourne's junior QB Griffin Dahn was one of my campers, so I will stop to see him.
        Wooster's Cameron Daugherty is listed 6'5-210. First saw him at my combine last spring. Pure drop back QB. Excellent baseball prospect, also. Plays either shortstop or third base. Just getting some of those baseball  throwing mechanics eliminated. Like his feet. Will need to improve escapability in the pocket. Needs to get his release point higher. Can spin-it at times.Stands tall. Needs to make use of his left arm to open his hips. Early for Cameron, but he will be one to watch later in the season.
       Really liked what I saw of QB Griffin Dahn from Worthington Kilbourne. At least 6'3-195 and maybe a little bigger. Like the way he sets his feet and shifts his weight. Like his release and follow thru. Soft touch. Can make the throws. Really needs to get physically stronger, but should be able to do that. Need to see him in live competition and in a game a Friday night. Surprised me with his throwing technique. Like him.
       Another camp guy was QB Kyle Kaparos, a junior from Upper Arlington. Needs to work on technique. Really athletic, needs to learn to set his feet. Good velocity, but he needs to work on throwing motion. Think once he slows the game down, he should be fine. Needs reps.
       Also at Upper Arlington's practice, I was able to watch senior Noah Spielman. Played some center and some DL. With no pads, his strengths were limited. Quick feet. Good base. Good punch. As most college recruiters agree, shortness will hurt him some. But he is a football player. Not so sure that he could be an under sized center. Natural short snapper.
       Drove down to Urbana High School to watch QB Nathan Mays last night. Nathan is in the Class of 2015. Did not see him throw a lot, but like his throwing motion. Good feet. Good quickness. Like most QB's, he needs to continue to get overall stronger. Looking forward to watching game video.
        Joe Burrows from the Plains Athens and Mitchell Guadagni from Hudson are two QB's in the Ohio Class of 2015 that I will see play early in the season. Really like both of these prospects. Really liked the improved footwork of Walsh's Pat Ford and am looking forward to seeing him this fall.
        Obviously, there bare many more QB's out there. At some of the bigger schools, some QB's do not get a chance to start until they are seniors. As the season rolls along, some will surface. The above are just some of the ones who I have seen early in camp.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Thanks "Eaglefan" from Yappi

       Sometimes I really believe that the Ohio High School Athletic Association reads my mind. Every time they do something that benefits me, they find out and then change that benefit. Really it is one guy who seems to be anti-McCallister.
       Two years ago they came out with a rule that people representing football scouting services could not be on the sidelines during the high school playoff games. I guess applies to recruiting services, too, but for some reason only scouting services were mentioned in the guild line notebook. I appealed, but no good. One recruiting service advertises that they are the number one recruiting service in Ohio. They were on the sidelines. Ironically, I may have the only true scouting service in Ohio. But I got over it.
       For the past three years, The OHSAA has had an excellent high school football format. Easy to use and provided a lot of information. Every school and the dates and times. This year that has changed. Now to find the schedule, you have to go to the school's sight. Every sport is listed on a calendar format. Really nice for the individual school, but not for people like me who are looking for a complete, easy to get to, schedule.
       Along comes Yappi, a site that has news, scores, and a forum to bring sports information to fans. The site concentrates on Ohio. JJHuddle used to have the same format, but I think that they have changed somewhat. I do not really visit either site. Too much negativism. Anyway, a friend told me to checkout Yappi for the complete high school football schedule. Some guy has posted the complete schedule.
       Hats off to "eagle fan." You saved the day. If anyone is interested in a complete Ohio High School football schedule, check it out. Well done. He may have stolen it from someone else, but who cares, the information is there. Thank you "eagle man."
       One other tidbit about Yappi. Months ago posed a question about the credibility of the McCallister Scouting Report. He wanted to know what readers thought of the service. WOW. The same friend told me that people were nice. I really do not need forums to attest to my ability.
       The schedule is really helpful. Heading to the Crosstown Showdown in Cincinnati the first week. Week two, Glenoak @Massillon, St Ignatius @Mentor, and Cleveland JFK @ Shaker Heights.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Thoughts on Athletes and Social Media

      Philadelphia mayor wants more action to be taken against Riley Cooper for his racial slur made last week. Ohio State RB Carlos Hyde suspended for three games for hitting (in some manner) a young woman in a bar. High profile people constantly apologizing for a stupid comment made on twitter. Young people! this is the age of social media. College football coaches look at computers almost everyday. Of course, everything about a recruit is out there.
      I have warned young high school players before, I know, but for one last time. You simply cannot say anything or do anything wherever you want in this day. Big brother is watching. Someone has a camera. Someone is going to gain instant recognition by posting on the internet. In a way people with the cameras can hurt or help" They are going to take or get what they need and walk away. The football player will be hurting. But, sometimes this information is good.
      Using racial slurs, getting drunk, and showing disrespect to a woman. These actions are not going to go away. Thank goodness, times are continuing to change, and these actions are becoming less frequent. The bad sign is that they still occur.
      When I think about racial comments, I think back to the spring of 2012. The minister had recognized the graduating seniors, and as I was walking out of church. I congratulated a young man who was going onto college to play football. I also asked him how one of his former teammates was doing in college football. "Oh, you mean that colored guy?" My comment to him was "You probably do not want to use that term around your teammates this fall."
      This blog is about being aware of what can go on the internet, not about racial slurs. Although posting on Facebook is fun, putting distasteful pictures or comments can get a recruit into trouble with coaches who are recruiting him. Trying to be "too bad," or losing his temper in competition can cause an athlete to make comments that he would not always use. Attending alcohol/ drug parties, either somber or drunk can lead to distasteful pictures. Finally, disrespect to a woman can lead to major problems, even criminal.
      I talk with college coaches often. "Character" is always brought up about a recruit. "Would you let Joe Smoe stay at your house all weekend, without you there?" This has become an important question to recruiters. As you can guess, I tell them the truth. Not because of me, but I know of one major college program who rejected a recruit, because coaches could not answer positively.
      I have always thought athletes are special. With that said, athletes have to be more disciplined both on and off the field. Once a word is said or an action is taken, it does not go away. Good judgment and making good decisions are HUGE. Smart phones, Facebook, and U-tube are only get stronger. Bad judgments could be costly.