Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kyle Kempt - Massillon QB

Last evening's 7on7 practice at Massillon was well worth the 90 minutes on Route 30. I knew that Orrville and Massillon would have skilled guys to evaluate, and that Louisville would have that one guy with potential. But, honestly, I also wanted to get a peak at Kyle Kempt, Massillon's junior QB.

Kempt's number one strength is that he is a "sponge." Constantly listening to veteran coach Tom McDaniel's constructive comments. Always eye to eye contact. When the back-up was in, Kyle was still listening in the huddle. Second, a leader. With more experience and success that will improve, but I like what he does with the huddle. Release is quick. His intermediate passes were crisp and sharp. Long ball touch is good. Last evening, he connected on some "home-run" balls.

Improvement from a year ago at this very time has been huge. Strength training is evident. Still has some baseball throwing in him, but the gap is narrowing. Would like to see him follow thru on his release more often. Bring the thumb down to the pocket. Still growing into his 6'5+ frame. As that improves, along his with strength, his athleticism will improve.

Under the direction of McDaniels, the sky should be the limit. A pure pocket passer. Most recruiting writers will not agree, but Kyle's best days will be when he is 20 years old. Far from a finished product, but for now he will continue to grow, continuue to learn, and continue lead the Tigers. Excellent potential.

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