Monday, July 18, 2011

Offensive Linemen - Ohio Class of 212

When I was a high school head football coach, I always coached the offensive line. If you can block, you can score. That has changed somewhat, with the spread offense. Really believe that I could win some games with these "OL-guys."
Taylor Decker - Vandalia Butler HS- Left tackle. Excellent feet. Huge frame. Excellent pass blocker. Needs to be a better bender. Probably over 300 now. Best lineman in Class of 212.
Tyler Orlosky - Lakewood St Ed's HS- Guard or tackle. Tough. Like his feet and balance. Good pass blocker. Excellent balance. Good bender. Could possible play any of the positions. Under-rated by some.
Kyle Dobson - Cleveland Heights - Tackle. Tall and at 315 pounds. Tremendous quickness. Long and frame to get huge. Biggest concern-not much playing time. Need to see him with pads. Really athletic.
Kyle Kailis - Lakewood St Ed's - Guard. Big, strong, and tough. Overpowering run blocker. Powerful. Needs to be better bender. Really needs to improve quickness and balance on pass protection. Ideal inside guy.
Adam Pankey - Hamilton - Guard. Like his explosion and punch. Good balance. Adding weight and strength. Good drop on pass blocking.
AJ Williams - Cincinnati Sycamore - Tackle. Tight end at Sycamore, but will grow into and offensive tackle. Long arms. Excellent feet. Will have have to learn OL technique, but like his blocking instincts.
Greg McMullen - Akron Hoban - Tackle or guard. Plays some tight end now, but mostly defense at Hoban. Excellent frame for "OL" guy. Long arms. Explosive. Good bender. Like him more on offensive side.

Of course, I only mentioned these prospects, but there are others whom I really like.

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