Monday, July 11, 2011

The Ohio Prep Scene

For the most part, I read or follow very few internet sites that cover football recruiting. That is probably one of the reasons that I do not have the knowledge that so many football recruiting writers possess. Also, I really do not care where an Ohio high school prospect goes to college. But the one site that I enjoy checking out is the Ohio Prep Scene.

I see they have a new writer, Simone Scott. Like her content and style. She provides insight as to what a prospect is thinking in regards to schools. Also enjoy reading content from other recruiting writers from different areas of the country. Must be a hard, but fun job to write for football sites. Believe this or not, but that is how I got started 23 years ago, but, of course, mine was in magazine format. Tom Lemming was the forerunner. Actually I wrote for Super Prep for part of a year. Allen Wallace and I had conflicting ideas on content. Needless to say, he could not intimidate me. Bill Kurelic also wrote for Wallace. Bill is still doing recruiting stories and still doing a really good job.

Do not totally understand "Star System." that Ohio Prep Scene uses. I heard that you get 2 stars for who is recruiting you. Last year, a quarterback from Ohio lost one or two stars, because he had a bad 7on7 showing Florida. WOW! I guess the "Star System," is good way to entertain recruiting fans. People who give the stars must watch a ton of video.

Every once in a while, driving to 7on7's. college summer camps, and scrimmages and games gets alittle crazy. Evaluating video even gets alittle crazy. Fun to do, but sometimes the hours are long. But Steve Hare, a writer for Rivals must do this in his sleep. He commented to a Missouri site that he saw every game that Maty Mauk played last year. I see him working hard at games, and he out works me. I applaude him big time.

The Ohio Prep Scene is easy to read. Like the video interviews. Sometimes I question why some recruiting writers rank one player over another, but that is part of the fun in recruiting. They, too, must evaluate a ton of video. I would like to see the Ohio Prep Scene cover more players in detail who commit to schools outside of Ohio. The site is good, I have to worry about evaluating high school football players. Check out the Ohio Prep Scene.

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