Tuesday, July 5, 2011

7on7 - National Level

If you get the chance, please read Cleveland Plain Dealer Sports writer Tim Warsinskey's column on 7o7 passing tournaments. His comments deal with 7o7 tournaments on the national level, rather than Ohio's own tournaments.

7on7 tournaments were originally started to get some extra training for high school players. No contact and, for most tournaments, very limited running plays. Really,most are done with no running plays. Years ago Miami of Ohio was one of the first colleges to host 7on7 competition. They held them three Saturdays in July, until last's staff was too lazy to keep it going. Other colleges are now hosting them, as is Miami.

When AAU basketball went national, it became a source for " street agents," or "handlers" to make money. Now innocent 7on7 tournaments could be going the same way as AAU basketball on the national level. The big concern is that these street agents who organize some of these events and make money are also steering certain players to certain colleges.

Please read his article, because I do not want to repeat his thoughts. As you can imagine, I am against national 7on7's. Anytime people abuse kids by getting kids to attend certain camps and get paid by colleges to bring kids to camps, I am against.
The problem - Stopping "street agents," and "handlers" is virtually impossible.


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