Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Schedule for the Crosstown Showdown and More

       Back into the football mode starting today. A little vacation to the New England coast and now back to work on promoting the great sport of Ohio high school football.
       I have been working of my Ohio 2015 Class of prospects. Actually for the major college programs that I deal with, they would like a list of my top twenty five. Crazy, much too early to even think about that. But I did one. Now, I am working to be sure that I can see many players on my list. The list is over 350, including phone numbers.
       I hope that the Ohio high school football coaches do not mess up and have paid attention to the rules in regards to practice dates and coaching players. The rule states that coaches can coach their players for ten days during the months of June and July. Players can work out and lift weights, but no coaching per se, except for the ten days. Many coaches use some of those ten days right before the actual football practice starts. This year practice starts for most schools - August 5.
       Problem arising - Today is Wednesday, July 31. Actual football practice for most schools throughout the state begins Monday, August 5. Can coaches coach Thursday, Friday, and Saturday? NO. Ten days in June and July. Tomorrow is August 1. If coaches are actually coaching then,  = major rules violation. Of course, I realize that many coaches will break this rule, but at least parents are aware of the rule.
       I have finalized my games to watch at the Cincinnati Crosstown Showdown. Plan to see bits and pieces of the games.
LaSalle vs Oak Hills                                   Northmont vs Thurgood Marshall
McNicholas vs Northwest                          Centerville vs Pickerington Central
Anderson vs Mt Healthy                            Lakota West vs Winton Woods
Springfield vs Trotwood Madison             Blanchester vs Clinton Massie
Carlisle vs Franklin

      Will not see Moeller or St Xavier because both are playing out of state schools. Because UC is hosting Purdue on that Saturday, plans had to be changed.

      Finally, I read where the Seahawks signed Jameson Konz TE/LB. Whose is Jameson Konz and where did he play high school and college football? To me he represents what hard work and drive can do for anyone. Being in the right place and having a coach see something in you is also very important. Check him out.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Visited Penn State on My Vacation

       On the way to New Hampshire and Maine, we stopped at  State College and made a brief stop at Penn State University. Having never been to Happy Valley, the visit was very rewarding and very informative.
      The stadium speaks for itself. Really was surprised how modern it is. For some reason, I thought is was going to be older looking. Really liked the real college atmosphere and the JoePa influence..
     Although the football facility is thirteen years old, it is really modern and all of the support staff is in that building. Tremendous weight room. Huge. All of the coaches' offices overlook the practice the practice fields. The offices are spacious, but the position rooms are separate. These rooms are just around the corner from the team locker room.
      The academic support staff's offices are under the same roof. Everyone from the academic counselors to the tutors have indivdual offices in this building. Study table. Computer tables. Research rooms. Everything is in this building.
      Like most major programs, much has been done to honor past award winners. Every NFL team is represented on a wall with Penn State players who have played for them. Also every player who earned a letter his senior year is listed on one wall.
      The indoor facility has two 80 yard football fields side by side. The offensive team practices on one and the defensive team practices on the other.
     Of course, I have been to other football facilites throughout the co untry. Most are very high quality facilities. Penn State surprised me with their football building. Thought it was important enough to recognize it. Also appreciated a coach taking the time to show us the facility.
        Every year I tell players and parents to visit as many college football facilities as they can. Visit especially the ones who are actively recruiting the player. This is really important and could make an impact on a decision.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Refreshing Chat with LJ Chambers

       This past June I made my way to Chris Chambers Football Camp, as I do every summer.  The skills camp is at Bedford in the morning and  a very competitive 7on7 tournament is in the afternoon. I see a lot of players and renew friendships with many of the coaches that I see during the season. This year, former Bedford wide receiver, LJ Chambers (2011) and I talked for few minutes. For me, the chat was rewarding.
      Actually, I first met LJ Chambers coming off his sophomore year at Bedford. Liked him, but he had limited speed and did not always concentrate on every pass. Strong hands and worked hard. Really did not care for his attitude, but that happens at times. People do not care for my attitude at times, either. Plus, the fact that LJ came thru the grades with people comparing him to his cousin, Chris Chambers, did not help his attitude.
      Chris Chambers has always been one of my favorites. "All-Ohio" in football and basketball. State 400 meter champ his senior year at Bedford.Went on to big time success at Wisconsin. First round draft choice of the Miami Dolphins. Retired, last year as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. Ten years in the NFL. Like I said, he has always a favorite of mine. Of course, I rated him the top receiver in Ohio back in 1996. The Buckeyes would not let him attempt to play two sports at OSU.
       Next, along comes cousin LJ. Big shoes to fill. LJ was not a consistent ball catcher. Shades of being good, but not consistent. Needed to improve his 40 speed. Raw Talent training had him at 4.5 once, but there was a story on that. His biggest battle was in the classroom. As he told me, he never listen to people who stressed improvement in the classroom. Result- academically he did not qualify for a scholarship. LJ decided to spend time at the University of Akron to get his academics healthy.
      The first year at the University of Akron was all academics and no football. Last year, he started getting some playing time after the third game. Last spring, he caught 5 balls for 65 yards. Now he is a consistent 4.6 guy. 4.6 on 6'0-200 frame. Still considered a "preferred walk-on," but, hopefully that will change this fall.
      Academically, he earned a 3.0 this past quarter and his overall GPA is a 2.8. Majoring in the sports medicine program. Eventually, he would like to own and operate a sports training facility. Of course, his dad will have to involved.
      I asked him what caused the turn-a-round? What opened his eyes? He said that now he has a deep "appreciation of the game." He understands the commitment to be made and the results that are possible. He went to say that he also sees the "big picture," and understands what it takes. I will add that he was a lot easier to talk with at Bedford back in June.
      LJ's advice - "Listen to what the quality people are trying to tell you about studying." Avoid the "noise." Make academics as important as football. When I asked him  advice more specific to young people, his first comment was " have a strong faith in God." With that that, I
he believes, comes a strong faith in yourself and what you are about.
      Every year, I evaluate players who have all of the God-given athletic talent available. Natural ability. When they walk on the field, they believe it is all about them. I have found that some of the "gifted" athletes that extra toughness or self discipline. They abuse that talent and do not do the "extra" on the field or in the classroom. They use the "blame game." You know, "not my fault. Poor coaching, bad teachers, and a lousy team." Every year at every level of sports this happens, and some athletes go into the "dumper," never to climb out again.
    For LJ Chambers hard in the classroom and on the football field is paying off. As I tell parents all of the time, " The light will come on." Hopefully, that "light" stays on 24/7 for LJ.  An appreciation of not only football, but life in general can make all of the difference. Chris Chambers who?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7on7 Competition at Mansfield's Arlin Field

       Last night's 7on7 gathering at Mansfield's Arlin Field consisted of some of the best football programs in Ohio. Mansfield Senior head football coach Chioke Bradley did a tremendous job bringing the teams together. Cleveland Glenville, Trotwood Madison, Akron Buchtel, Dayton Dunbar, Westerville North, and area team, Ontario, and host Mansfield Senior made up the field.
      Westerville North is in a rebuilding state, but I liked their senior LB Andy Struttman. Listed 6'1-225. Runs well, but will have to continue to work on flexibility. Tough competitor. More valuable in pads. Junior QB Jake Downs was solid, but I will need to see him in pads. Also, watched one of my msrohio combine guys. Brandon Fenton (2015) guessin 6'0-175, played CB. Excellent 40 speed (4.5) and ran a 7.2 L-cone at the combine. Needs to continue to get stronger and improve recovery speed, but I am looking forward to seeing him this fall. Like his potential.
       Dayton Dunbar also played a lot of younger guys. Two underclass men that I liked were QB Lamar Florence and WR Terrence Landers. This was the second time that I watched Lamar (2015). Solid release. Needs to improve feet. Listed 6'1-183. Needs to improve reading coverage. Needs a lot of reps to gain consistency with footwork and throwing motion. One to watch this fall. A sleeper could be sophomore WR Terrence Landers. Being recruited as a basketball player, but did some nice things as a receiver last night. Listed 6'4. Excellent hands. Needs to improve route running, but that should come. Need to see him in game competition, but he could a top receiver his senior year.
       Ontario seniors Cameron Mack(LB) and Jordan Campbell(RB/DB) ran well, but did not see as much in 7on7 game. Both competed well.
       Glenville's top seniors were visiting Louisville. Lattimer, Smith, and Simpson were three of the five missing. QB Quan Robinson(2014) continues to improve his feet and throwing motion. Can make big plays, but needs to more consistent. Plays tall. This spring Bedford Chanel closed their doors, and senior Aaron Ivory enrolled at Glenville. A former QB who now works as a WR and FS. Athletic. Guessin 6'0-185. Excellent hands and can separate. Needs to improve top end speed, but is a scholarship player. Also liked Glenville's sophomore QB Marcus Drish. Spins it. Really athletic. Excellent release. Good feet. Hopefully, he grows a few inches.
       One of the potential top players at Glenville did not dress out, but was in the stands. RB Davon Anderson just moved in from Summerville, SC to spend his senior year living with his dad. Listed 5'11-195. Passes the eyeball test and put up really good numbers at Summerville. Like his attitude, but, of course, I have not seen him play. Coach Ginn is really high on him.
       Ricky Powers, head coach at Buchtel told me that they were playing a lot of young players. QB Chris Davis has always been a favorite of mine. Improved over the evening, but I worry about his shortness. Really like the potential of sophomore RB Marquis Sams. Listed 5'10-185. Caught the ball out of the backfield, but, of course, could not show his running ability last night. WR Deric Rucker (2015) did some good things. Catches the ball over the middle. Needs to improve speed. Needs to improve body control. Listed 6'1-175. One to watch improve.
       Watching Trotwood last night, I spent more time watching and talking with some of the younger players. For Kei Beckham(2015), he continues to look better and better. Taller and thinner than last year. Improve his speed. Like his hips. Needs to improve recovery speed. If he cannot play corner at the next level, he will move to FS. Corner looks good. Was able to spend some time with Ryan Lucas (2015) - slot receiver. Fast. Good body control. Needs to get upper body stronger. Needs to be more physical when separating. Talked with RB Harrison Johnson, another 2015 guy. Listed 5'9, but I like his quickness and change of direction. 7on7's are not for RB's. One to keep an eye on is freshman TE Christopher Lewis. Listed 6'1-230. Really athletic. Runs well for size and age. Maybe not a TE, but should a top guy in three years. QB Messiah deWeaver (2016) continues to improve as a QB. Feet are improving. Needs work on weight balance. Good release. Getting better at reading coverage. Needs reps to be more consistent. Only a sophomore.
       Three Trotwood skill position seniors really need to step this fall. WR Kendric Mallory has always been a potential excellent receiver. 6'2 and can make big plays. Problem - needs to more focused on every play. Needs to play harder more often. Potential is there. RB Ashton Jackson is listed 5'11-185. Maybe bigger. Needs to stay healthy. Needs to be a force inside the tackles. Like his burst and vision. Verondtae Wilkinson has been playing DE for three years, but moves to Mike LB this fall. Powerful. Excellent closing speed. Needs to play every down. Needs to practice harder. Needs to improve change of direction. Definitely a physical player, but needs to improve work habits. All three are scholarship guys, but need to separate themselves from the pack this fall.
       Just watched Mansfield Senior last weekend at Bucyrus. QB Jalen Reese is tall and continues to improve his QB skills. Needs to improve arm strength. Really like his continued improvement. Excellent leader. Chekiah Washington looked strong as an inside DB. Changes direction well. Tough run stopper. Needs to continue to work on burst. Need to see more of Tyquan Vickers.
       Overall, the 7on7 games at Mansfield were good for me. At a 7on7 tournament, I just need to see players in person. I like to see how they handle themselves both on and off the field. I like to watch how they compete. I like to establish or build on a relationship. Playing in shorts/t-shirts affords me that chance. Somehow "playing in pads" can improve the positives or negatives for a lot of high school players.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ohio-Michigan HS All Star Football Game

       Yesterday, Ohio and Michigan high school football people finalized the plans for the first Ohio-Michigan High School All Star football game. The game will be played at Donnell Stadium in Findlay, Ohio, on Saturday, June 14, 2014. Kickoff is scheduled for 1:00.
       After the news that Pennsylvania was no longer inviting Ohio to the  "Big 33," because they were tired of losing money and the game itself,  Mike Mauk and I talked about a possible Ohio/Michigan game. Last January, I made contact with Larry Merz, Executive Director of the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association. He met with the Michigan high school coaches, and they liked the idea. Mike Mauk, head football coach at Kenton High School and the OHSFCA's treasurer took the lead, and after a few meetings with both groups, plans were finalized yesterday.
      We wanted to keep the game as close to the Ohio Michigan border as possible. Driving six hours to Hershey, PA, really did not excite me. Originally the University of Toledo was the site. Due to  NCAA rules regarding sanctioning, the game could not be played in a Division 1 stadium. As I searched, Donnell Stadium became attractive. Actually, Donnell Stadium is not owned by the University of Findlay, which made the site even more attractive.
      Findlay High School Athletic Director Nate Weihrauch has done a tremendous job in coordinating this game. We have toured the sites twice. The University of Findlay is providing the dorm and the use of the cafeteria for the players and coaches. On Friday night UF will host the banquet the Friday before the game.  Findlay High School will provide buses for transportation. Both groups have gone overboard to help make this game possible. The entire Findlay community is embracing this game.
      Each team will have 40 players and six coaches. The selection process will be much the same as the selection process for the "Big 33." Ohio will take forty players, with no certain requirement for each position. Teams will rotate practices between Donnell Stadium and the Oiler's practice field.
      Players will report on Wednesday and play the game on Saturday. Additional activities have been planned to help start building relationships that go beyond the game. Since day one, the goal of this game has been to start building friendships between both coaches and players from both states. Words like "border war," "battle," and "rivalry," have no place in this game. Hopefully, that mentality can stay with the Ohio State - Michigan fans and not filter down to the high school level.
       Both Mike Mauk and Larry Merz have emphasized that proceeds from this game will go toward the already established scholarship funds by the high school football coaching associations in both Ohio and Michigan.
        I am really excited about the good that can come out of this game. As I should have expected, some of the more uneducated, out spoken  O-State football fans have already made comments using "grudge-battle," " border war," "rivalry." This is the first Ohio-Michigan High School All Star football game, not the Ohio State - Michigan college game. In fact, the colors scarlet, gray, maize, and dark blue are not part of the uniforms. High school football will always be a great time, especially in Ohio.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bucyrus 7on7 Tournament

A pleasant surprise today. I have always heard that Bucyrus High School puts a on a nice 7on7 tournament, and today they continued to do a good job. Nice short trip to Bucyrus for me.
       Northwestern commit Dareian Watkins (2014) from Galion High School looked good at quarterback. Have watched him grow and mature over the last three years. Really athletic. Wish he had a better burst, but he has solid speed. Guessing he will be a slot receiver at Northwestern. Also was the second time that I have seen his teammate junior LaCario Davison (2015) play this summer. Like his speed and toughness. Good burst. Playing wide receiver. For having had no contact his sophomore year, he seems to have a lot of self-confidence. Excellent athlete, but has not proven himself with pads on yet.
      Watched senior Ryan Bee from Hillsdale High School play some tight end. Listed 6'7-245, and wants to play tight end or defensive end at the next level. I have watched over the past three years, also. Wish that he could get to 265 over the winter. Only has one school offering, but a lot of schools want to see his first three or four games. If commits himself to playing offensive tackle, he should be fine with "offers." If he continues to want to play either end position, he will not get many. With the right attitude, his future is unlimited. With the right attitude!
      Columbus West High School was there today. And with that, so was Charles Holland (2014), wide receiver and free safety, and he is still really underrated. Tremendous concentration and natural hands. Honestly, his not getting much love from college coaches is sad. Maybe they know something, I do not know. All I know is what I see.
       Mansfield Senior's Chioke Bradley has done a tremendous job with the football program. Kids play hard and compete. Also look like a team. QB Jalen Reese (2014) continues to improve his throwing motion and QB skills. Listed 6'2-170 and plays taller. Although he does not always show arm strength, it is there. Like his potential, but need to see him under fire. DB Chek Washington (2014) is a solid defender. Good closing speed. Smart. Competes hard. Good recovery speed. Athletic. Really like junior Mitch Nixon. Tall and athletic. Should be the starting QB next year. Right now, he is playing some flex TE. Good hands.
       Elida High School is coming off a very good season and has to replace some really good seniors. They do have some very talented younger skill players. Too early to mention them.
       My local school the Upper Sandusky Rams were there. Probably their best player is Tyler Pritchard (2014). Plays QB and LB. Excellent wrestler. Guessing about 6'2-220. Finally not trying to keep weight done for wrestling. Like him as a "Mike backer." Good feet. Always liked his attitude as an underclassman, but surprised with it now.
       Bucyrus did a good job running a 7on7 tournament. They have one more in two weeks.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July - Nothing to Do??

       As I read the Columbus Dispatch this morning, I searched and searched the Sports page for some Ohio high school sports news, but as the case in the last week or so, nothing. I mean "zilch." Of course, Steve Blackledge is getting ready for the high school football season. Am sure that he is on vacation in Florida.
      Am beginning to realize how bored hockey and soccer fans must be during football season. I have read more about the Blue Jackets and the Crew the last few weeks, and I have no clue what each is all about. Those fans must feel the same way as I do during football season.
      Actually received an email from a parent last week, asking if I knew of any other football camps to go in July. He mentioned some private camp down south. Also mention a camp at Akron University. Of course, he mentioned the Friday Night Lights camp at Ohio State at the end of July. On private camps-why? If you have made the college camp circuit during June, why go now? The Akron camp at the end of July? Maybe good, but I watched an Akron satellite camp this past June, and they spent 2and1/2 hours warming up and testing. The O-State Friday Night Lights is good, but it is probably geared to schools in the South. Most of the Ohio high schools are getting into their own camps, but schools in the South do not start that early. Ohio State is Ohio State, however.
      The entire month of July is a quiet period. At this time, schools may contact recruits via phone or mail, or visit with them on the school's campus. However, in-person contact taking place outside of the school's campus is prohibited. Considered a "quiet period," but college coaches or support staff can make NO PHONE CALLS until September 1st.
     If you are into Football University, The Top Gun, or National Underclassmen Combines, I think that their final events are taking place now. More money, more marketing, but no decision makers (college coaches) are in attendance. A chance to spend your money. For example, back in June - Football University charged campers $600 for three days of instruction. No decision makers present.
      Heading to University of Dayton on Friday. UD runs a really nice 7on7 tournament. Although my scouting service is not good enough for UD, they let me watch and evaluate players. Good players - good coaching is evident at this tournament. 7on7 tournaments are huge these weeks before actual practice starts. Good for me, but watching players wearing pads is still the best.
      Encourage your school athletics department to purchase the HUDL video service. They have really grown  in, not only Ohio, but throughout the country. Not really endorsing them, but they allow the athlete to make his/her own highlight video. Very basic. If you are looking for music, all kinds of arrows, or all types of banners, HUDL does not do that. But the colleges use HUDL. Good deal. Almost instant availability. Also start working on your profile sheet during some free time.
     Football players and parents. Take that last vacation. Spend time together. No more camps-no more stress to impress. August 5 (actual practice for most high schools) will be here before you know it. If you are lucky, December 4, makes for a long season. Focus on your team. Put all of the recruiting noise aside. Use caller ID for the recruiting reporters on recruiting websites. Talk to them once in a while, but you choose when, not them. Stay focused on your school's media day. Most of all with both print and internet reporters, do not believe everything that you read about yourself, both negative and positive.
      Focus on your team. Bo Schembechler, former head coach at Michigan used to say "Team- everything is about team, team, team." A lot of outsider and media "noise" ahead, but remember, Bo's quote. Honesty, things will go smoother for everybody.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The "Bump Rule"

      Old news now, but last week I read where supposedly Urban Meyer turned in a Florida assistant football coach for an alleged "bump rule" violation. Of course, Meyer denied this charge and an investigation into the "secondary violation" turned up nothing. Worrying about the allegation and the way Coach Meyer handled the charge is secondary to me. What is more important to me is that people understand the "bump rule" and the silliness of the NCAA rule.
      According to NCAA rules, college coaches may visit a prospect's school twice between April 15 through May 31. Once for an athletic evaluation and once for an academic evaluation. During these visits coaches are not allowed to set up visits with a prospect, but, of course, they are allowed to schedule visits with the high school coach.
      College assistant coaches will often ask the high school coach if there would be a time that he could accidentally meet the prospect or prospects. If this happens, the college coach can shake hands with recruit and chat very briefly. This meeting is called the "bump rule." The intent of the rule is good, but like almost every rule, it is "stretched" at times.
      The "bump rule" is good and often abused. By that, I mean coaches go into a separate rooms to visit with prospects. Say, a BCS school is visiting a prospect at the school, and a D-2 school is visiting two more prospects. To better reach the prospects, they go to separate areas. Prospects come to the coach's office or classroom to meet the college assistant. Two years ago, I was in a room with three BCS assistant coaches and a mid-level assistant coach. They watched some video as they all talked with the same recruit. Recently, a head coach offered an underclassman a scholarship during the "bump period." I am not trying to impress anyone, but am making a point that the "bump rule" is often abused, but still important.
      Actually, I like the "bump rule," and think that it should be stretched as far as it can be. College coaches need as much time to evaluate a prospect as possible. A recruit needs as much time to evaluate a college coach and his program as possible. This small amount  of "bump" time is valuable to everyone. For the high school coach, more college coaches will come to his school, if the college coach feels welcome and comfortable.
      Regardless of the demands of the NCAA, any amount of time that gives a recruit a better chance to evaluate college programs in the "dishonest and ugly" world of football recruiting, I am for.
      Since I am allowed to visit recruits at the high schools, and since I run into coaches all of the time, I would be silly to expound on the "bump rule." The rule actually helps me gain insight about a college coach and , more importantly, insight about a recruit.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Luke Roberts - Harvard Bound

       Read today where sophomore linebacker Luke Roberts has left Ohio State to transfer to Harvard University. The former Lancaster LB and the Class of 2012 has been a back-up at O-State. Harvard is part of the Football Championship Subdivision, which will allow Luke to play immediately, and he will have three years of eligibility left.
      Using a spokesman, both Urban Meyer and Luke Fickell were supportive of his decision and there were no "hard feelings." His departure should free up a roster slot, and chances of him getting playing time this fall were limited.
     Luke talked me with during the recruiting process. As with most prospects, he had some offers, but his dream was to play Ohio State. He worked really hard at the OSU camp that summer. Not as tall as most coaches want linebackers, but he ran down hill really well. At the OSU senior camp, he put up good enough test numbers. Along with good numbers and being very competitive, Ohio State offered him a scholarship and he accepted.
      Personally I really liked the way he played at Lancaster High School. Tough, played downhill, got off blocks, and studied the opponent. Not a gifted athlete. Needed to be more consistent speed wise. Needed to improve change of direction. But I liked him as a person and as a competitor. Thought that he would represent any college well, including Ohio State University.
     My concern deals with high school football recruits in Ohio. Many(not all) young football players grow up in Ohio hearing and reading about Ohio State football. Parents, unfortunately, do the same. When Woody Hayes was the coach at Ohio State, I felt the same way. Then when the OSU administration hustled him out, I became a "Bo guy." (Immaterial) A parent not too long ago told me that his son had "offers" from all of the Big Ten schools, Pittsburgh, and Notre Dame. But, he did not have the "Big One" yet. Ohio State. Unfortunately, his son played one year of college ball (not at OSU) and quit.
     A prospect has to be really, really good to be a "starter" at any top BCS school. At Ohio State, it is even tougher on Ohio prospects. When Urban Meyer accepted  the job at Ohio State, he made it clear that he was going to recruit nationally, and the OSU staff is doing that. With that being said, if you are an instate prospect, you had better have a ton of potential.
     I have a term I use when rating prospects for college coaches. I use the words, "program guy." These are players who will represent their college well. They will go to class, stay out of trouble, practice hard, be a team player, and maybe get some back-up time.. Finally, they will graduate and represent their college well.
     I have tremendous respect for Luke Roberts. He has worked hard and represented the Buckeyes well. Although I did not watch him practice, I am sure he practiced hard. He lived his dream, but things did not work out. Now he will play at Harvard. Last I knew, a degree from Harvard ain't too shabby.
       Of course, Ohio high school players have dreams of playing at closer schools like Michigan, OSU, Notre Dame, Michigan State, and Penn State. A recruit should take his time when making his decision. If I were a high school player, I would have the same dreams. Only two things stopped me from living my dream - lack of talent and fear of getting hurt. But as I always say, "big is not always better."