Thursday, July 14, 2011

Massillon 7on7 - My Kind

Drove to Massillon last evening to watch some 7on7. As always, I was impressed with manner in which three teams went about their business. Alot of that has to do with the way the coaches did their job. Jason Hall, head coach of the host Tigers, runs 7on7's my way. John DeMarco, of Louisville, and Doug Davault, of Orrville, followed suit.

My way - Coaching, coaching, and coaching. No trophies, no tournaments, no officials, and no scores. Coaching plain and simple.

The field was divided into thirds for warm-ups, each had an equal area. Each team had a certain number of plays on both defense and offense. Offense had a certain number of plays on each hash and in the middle. They also had so many plays from the 40, so many plays from the 20, and so many plays from the 10. Very organized.

Competition was excellent. No "chirping" to speak of. Only a few agressive plays, by accident more than anything else.

Nice crowd. The crowd was actually bigger than some of my homecoming games, when I was a head football coach. The turf, oh my! I thought back to when I was the head coach at Lakota(NW Ohio). Sometimes I mowed the field. Sometimes I helped with painting the lines. The band would practice 3 days a week on the game field. Do not think that Jason has those problems.

A tremendous learning situation. Like I said earlier, "My kind of 7on7.

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