Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kent Roosevelt Gets a Quarterback

Yesterday, made the trip to Steubenville to watch, not only the Big Red, but also Kent Roosevelt, Warren LaBrae, and Bellaire among others play some 7on7. Good, clean competition, of which I would have expected coming from veteran coaches. Had a chance to watch one of the better quarterback prospects in the Class of 213. Travon Chapman, if he keeps working hard, could be that guy.

First heard about Travon during his freshman year at Cincinnati Princeton. Did not get to see him play, but heard good things from coaches. The next year he moved with his father to Pickerington Central. After his father, Thad Jemison, joined the Kent State staff this spring, Travon made another move. This time to Kent Roosevelt and veteran coach, John Nemec, could not be happier.

Travon wants to be a quarterback, as well he should. Guessing 6'1-195. Really good arm strength. Solid release. Ball jumps out. Just as important for me, good feet. Plays tall. Of course, no run game in a 7on7, but was told his running ability is as good or better than his passing, and I thought his passing game was good. Now, this is July and a new school, so he missed receivers aa few times, and some receivers dropped some balls, but reps will take care of that. Impressed with his understanding of the progession reads. Watching him at free safety also was good. Closes very well on the ball. Just as good at free, but a QB first.

Chatted with him for just a few minutes. Travon also plays basketball and runs track. Carries a 3.5 GPA.

Honestly, when I talked with him(in street clothes) at the Kent State Camp this summer, I did not know what to expect from him in competition. I do now. If he works hard and keeps recruiting in perspective, he has a chance to be really good. Sometimes I get a "good feeling" about a prospect. Travon, do not let me down.

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