Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cap City Preps

As a head football coach, my wife knew that once the July 4 celebrations were done, my summer was for the most part down. Football time had arrived. Last weekend, I celebrated my 45th high school class reunion. My birthday was Saturday, and now I am 63 years old. I really do not worry about getting old; I just worry about growing up.

Football time is here again. Still plenty of 7on7 passing tournaments to attend. Practice begins legally on August 1. Scrimmages begin soon after that. Of course, the season begins for me with the Cincinnati Crosstown Showdown. Many football games over a short period of time.

Today, as I was evaluating talent at Capital University's 7on7 passing event, I formally met the owner and director of Cap City Preps. Cap City Preps makes highlight and game video for football teams and players in Columbus. Anthony Murphy is the guy behind Cap City Preps. Works hard and see him everywhere with his camera or video camera. Understands the football recruiting business.

Also spent time chatting with Marc Givler who has teamed up with Cap City Sports. He is a football recruiting writer. Covers central Ohio primarily, but travels across Ohio to cover recruits. I think he writes for Rivals, but not for sure. Although we do not agree with his rankings, I enjoyed chatting with him, too. Of course, if I took any recruiting site's individual rankings seriously, college coaches would laugh.

Cap City Prep does an excellent job with highlight video. Prospects send me Cap City Preps video alot. If your school does not make highlight videos, I would check out Anthony Murphy's work. They have done a tremendous job helping the city schools in Columbus.

Both Anthony and Marc work hard. They are good for high school football in central Ohio. According to their website, they have a Preview Magazine coming out soon. Like me, they do not have big money support. But they work hard to promote "kids" and, to me, that is what it is all about.

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