Sunday, June 26, 2011

Congrats - "Jonny D"

This a high school football website, but I have to take a minute to applaude OSU's Jon Diebler on being drafted in the second round of the NBA draft by the Portland Trail Blazers. You see, Jon Diebler is an Upper Sandusky "guy." To me, he personifies ALL that is good in a college athlete.

Jon and I have only talked a few times. I would love to say I watched every high school game he played at Upper Sandusky. I would love to say we are good friends. I would love to say I watched every O-State basketball game. None of these would be true. I respect him as a young person, and maybe more than as a basketball player. Watching Jon give testimony during the FCA breakfast at the Ohio State Football Coaches Clinic confirmed my high regard for him.

When he was a first year guy at OSU, he played poorly in a game at Madison Square Garden. Some of the McD's morning coffee OSU fans were dissin on him pretty hard. I reminded them that just the year before, he was playing in a game at Mohawk High School. Typical Buckeye Nation. I heard some OSU basketball analyst named White was brutal on him all of the time on WTVN. Believe he played at traditional power Watkins Memorial. Maybe Jon and he can share stories about pro basketball. No, I forgot, White never played in the NBA. Heard the talk radio hosts in C-bus were really hard on him. Just boys trying to make a name for themselves Jon weathered all of the negative media.

Congrats to Jonny D.

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