Monday, May 30, 2011

Jim Tressel - Thanks

Just wanted to take a minute to wish Coach Jim Tressel the very best and thank him for all that he has done for high school football in Ohio. More specifically, for all that he has done for the high school football coaches in Ohio. That help often goes un-noticed, because of the many OSU fans who could care less about high school football. Saturdays and winning are what it is all about for them. The media is the same way. High school football is what is all about to me.

When Tressel came on the scene, the OSU Clinic was down to about 400 in attendance. Now there are over 1,500 there taking notes. In fact the last clinics were held in French Fieldhouse. The summer camps were a joke. Attendance was terrible. Now the camps have too many campers. Coach Tressel came to almost every OHSFCA Regional Directors Meeting to offer his help and influence to help promote high school football in Ohio.

For me, I have known him since the Syracuse days. I respect him, which is more than I can say for some head football coaches. But I know him. I do not consider myself a fan. Nor do I consider myself a media whatever(?). I just do my job. Always fun to discuss recruiting with him. Coach Tressel has taken OSU football to the next level. But, more importantly for me, he has taken Ohio High School football to the next level. You see, all I care about is Ohio High School football and how we can make it better for our young people.

Thanks, Coach Tressel.

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