Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Lexington QB/TE Combo

Spent the late afternoon watching some football players working out after school at Lexington High School. I make these trips, because of the more personal nature of the evaluation. One on one is really a better way to relate to a prospect. Honestly, the real reason I went was to see how much bigger Colin Michael and Tanner Kearns have gotten. Both pleasantly surprised me.

Have always like Colin Michael as a quarterback. Close to 6'6, but more importantly has added 20 pounds. Now weighs 225. Last year watched his first game back from a knee injury. He was a little rough in spots, but liked his potential. Really good feet and has a solid base. Now working under center, along with taking direct snaps. Stands tall and has a high release at times. Strong arm, but I could tell he has been throwing alot. Needs to tweak his release and his follow thru just a little. His throwing flaws are all easily correctable. Drops well. By the end of summer, he will be rated as one of the top QB prospects in the Ohio 2012 Class.

Tanner Kearns is a long TE. Last year, because he was 6'5 and 205 and playing TE, he was more of flex or H tight end. But now, he weighs 227. Now, he can line-up at tight end, as well as a flex, H, or even slot. Really liked the way he gets downfield into pass patterns. Not big enough to put his hand down every play and block like a tackle. Very athletic and combined with size and ball catching skills, he will be able to line up at various inside receiver positions, including TE. After a good summer camp showing, Tanner will one of the better tight end prospects in the Ohio Class of 2012.

The most positive "stuff" from the visit was that both prospects did what they had to do in the off season. Gain good weight! They added weight the right way. That is huge. The basic skills are there. Now they just have to put everything together. Both have a tremendous amount of upside.

Oh, of course, visiting with Coach Payne was almost as fun.

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