Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two Prospects Change Mechanics

Going into an athlete's senior year, to make changes in techniques is really hard in almost any sport. In the last few months, Austin Gearing, QB from Middletown Fenwick, and Darien Terrell, an OL guy from Massillon Jackson, are making the effort.

Back in March at our MSROHIO Combine, Austin workout with four other QB's after the combine was over. His release was down by his ear. He squeezed and pushed the ball too much. Throws were low and short. Actually, I came away disappointed, because I liked his highlight video. In fact, my thoughts were that maybe he was a better defender. At 6'4-215, he tested well and had that toughness. Then along came QB instructor, Mike Schneider who has made the difference.

Austin worked out for me last Thursday. Release is now higher. Footwork is good. Arm strength has always been there. The release is is so much better. Coming from a very successful wing-t offense, Austin needs to make the summer camp circuit (he will)to show his skills. Of course, he needs to be more polished, but he has come so far in a short time. The big change in mechanics is huge.

Last summer, I first met Darien Terrell, a 340 pound tackle from Massillon Jackson.
Knew of him, but wanted to see him first hand. Honestly, thought that he was just a big way-overweight offensive lineman. Questioned attitude and self discipline. Moved okay. Biggest concern was that at that weight, will he continue to get heavier and heavier and just get too heavy at the next level.

After evaluating his highlight video this winter, I saw good things. He can bend. Needs to be a better bender, but be can bend. Good explosion. For his size, moves around well. Finished blocks. Solid pass blocker. A guard at the next level. BUT, I like best the fact that he is losing weight. Eating healthy. Also is attending a speed camp five days a week. Losing weight is tough for anyone, but he has made the commitment to "do what he has to do." I believe that he has a chance to be a solid offensive line recruit, if he sticks to his plan.

Both Austin and Darien must to continue to work hard on their weaknesses. Get into some camps this summer in order that college coaches see first hand their improvement. This fall they must put all of those changes to work and be productive on Friday nights. Until then, Darien and Austin should only worry about what they can control.

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