Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Braxton Miller - Do not Change

Watching Braxton Miller as a sophomore, he just had the "it." There was something about him that made watching him fun. As a junior, watching him mature was fun. Standing with on the sidelines last year at the Herb Classic in Columbus was fun. Quiet, soft spoken, but what a competitor!

In 7on7 competition, he just did enough to win. Nothing flamboyant or earth shattering, just enough to win. Of course, he had a "rocket" that got him out of trouble at times, quick feet to avoid the rush, and a smile that one had to like. During the fall, these qualities stayed the same. He did have to run harder and quicker against live defenders and he succeeded.

His junior year in the first game of the season, he threw a pass that will always be in my "Top Ten Plays." Running to his left, he stopped just inside the boundary, probably a good yard from the fourth down marker, and threw a perfect strike 35 yards downfield. This play prompted me to tell Coach Tressel. " I do not know how good Pryor was as a junior in high school, but he was not in Braxton Miller's league." Coach just looked at me.

Nobody really knew him or really understood how talented he was. They almost beat Lakewood St. Edwards in last year's D-1 State Championship game. He just kept bringing them back. Cold weather-sharp passes and quick feet. After the game, everybody knew Braxton Miller. Then last winter one of's national recruiting experts dropped him in his QB-rating nationally, because he had a bad Under Armour All-Star game in Florida. The All-star game was a reward, not to be taken seriously.

Please Braxton Miller do not change your personality or do not quit being a good guy. You are a tremendous athlete who is also an excellent passer. Not a thrower like some QB's, a true passer. You are a natural leader. Please do not stick up for controversial characters. Remember everything Jay Minton has told you. Be a role model for what kids should do. Do not get caught in the media's game. O-State desperately needs a quarterback who can lead. I also know that you hate to travel far, so stay put. Be the next great O-State quarterback.

I am a Braxton Miller guy. Every year as I watch high school football, I see guys who have the "it." Most of the time, they never let me down. Being a role model is tough. Please Braxton Miller - do not change.

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