Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sandusky Perkins Tight End

The Sandusky area is always good for high school football players who have the potential to play D-1 college football. One that kind of "slipped through the cracks" for me is Perkins tight end, Michael Ebert. At the next level he may move inside to offensive tackle. But for now, he is a tight end.

At 6'6-240, he can add weight and be huge. Runs well for a big man, but maybe not well enough to be a tight end. Soft hands. Really good ball catching skills. Solid bender. Needs to develop a "punch" as far as run blocker. Like his effort on video. Did not see him play last year, but have watched him in the rings this spring. Very competitive and very athletic.

Plays basketball. This spring he has put the shot 51 feet. Tossed the discus 163 feet. Long arms and really good balance. In his free time, he takes care of his books. Number one in his class with a 4.1 GPA.

Probably a definite Mid American level player or maybe a little higher. If he gets to the size of an OL guy, his future will be huge.

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