Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rating Offensive linemen in 2012 Class

On the way out of church this morning, a Buckeye fan asked me whom I had as the highest rated lineman in the Ohio Class of 2012. Answered that I did not know for sure, because they all bring something different to the table. Really this is true of just about every position. So much depends on the offense that college programs use.

Taylor Decker(Vandalia Butler) has really good feet. At least 6'7-285. Long and can add much more weight. More of a pass blocker, but improving as a run blocker. Will fit well into Notre Dame's offensive mind-set. Kyle Kailis(Lakewood St Ed's) is a 6'5-300+) road-grader who just punishes DL guys on running plays. Needs to work on footwork. Strong and tough. Actually, Tyler Orlosky(Lakewood St Ed's) 6'4-295 has tremendous upside and potential. Quiet and nasty. Bender. Like both his run blocking and pass blocking. Really athletic. A sleeper to some extent is Marlington's Zach Higgins. First saw him at the State Wrestling Tournament as a sophomore. Excellent balance and leverage. Powerful. Did well at my camp.

Have not really been able to evaluate Kyle Dobson(Cleveland Heights) a 6'5-315 tackle. Did not play against Shaker Heights last year, and coach did not send video. Getting alot of offers, but must perform on field. Only saw Kyle Williamson(Maderia)workout and on video. Like his frame, but must be a better bender. Needs to dominate defenders this fall.

Some colleges are looking for that "hard-nosed tough guy," and two that come to mind are Caleb Stacey(Oak Hills) and Benny McGowan(Centerville). Both need to improve pass blocking techniques. Both need to work on balance. Both do bring that toughness and nastiness that Zach Born brought to Ohio State. Alex Todd(Streetsboro) really needs to watch weight gain, but he has the toughness and nastiness to compensate for
pass blocking flaws.

If he can keep his weight down, Darwin Terrell(Massillon Jackson) has a shot. Powerful, but needs get into condtion. Needs to be a better bender. Liked his competitive attitude. At 6'3-340, weight is an issue. Another weight issue guy is Warren Howland's Anthony Stanko. Coach Dick Angle told me that he has worked hard at the weight issue. Powerful, but needs to be a better bender. If he loses weight and reports in really good condition, he could dominate. But that is a big "if."

Need to mention two linemen with alot of upside, but recruiters want to see them play early this fall. Watched Derrek Ross(Oak Hills) a 6'5-270 tackle and really liked his potential. Still do. Frame to get bigger. Good footwork as pass blocker. Just something about Kevin Mills(Canton McKinley) that I like. Good feet. Big frame. Bends well enough. Solid feet. Just feel he needs more game experience.

Did not mention all of the "OL guys" out there. Also, did not mention offers or commitments. Honestly, never take that into consideration. I get paid to evaluate and rate, not to collect offers and commits.

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