Monday, May 9, 2011

Big is not Always Better

As I was watching a girl's basketball game a few years ago, I was chatting with Jon Diebler's dad talking recruiting. At that time Jon was considering Valparasio as his favorite college. His dad made the comment, "Big is not always better." Of course that was small talk, because Jon went on to O-State, and the rest is history. But that comment has stayed with me.

Last Saturday, I visited the Schuman National Underclassman combine held near Columbus at Licking Heights High School. For years, I had read about this combine and the amount of success that it has had. I was expecting all kinds of experts running around and attendance limited to parents. Honestly, I did not expect to get inside. I was really surprised. If I could just pick up some ideas for my combines was my goal. The marketing and promotion for this event is second to none.

First, let me be clear, the coaching staff at Licking Heights did an excellent job. They worked the drills. They timed and measured. The concession stand was inexpensive and good. Licking Heights people were good.

There were only two Schuman officials working the combine. The entire combine - just two. The forties and the pro-shuttle were run on wet grass. A fine all-weather track was not used. With the results going all over the country, how does one explain the slow times? With all of the slipping and sliding, injuries were of concern. Running on the track with flat shoes might have been better. Having two men video taping was good.

Individual work was done. Coaches were instructing, as well as evaluating. Campers worked hard and enjoyed themselves. Anytime a player gets to compete and gets a chance to be better, I think, is tremendous. As I have said earlier, the community did its part well. But, I would think that if the Schuman National Underclassman combine is all that it advertises and markets, more than two evaluators and instructors are needed. More instruction from combine experts was needed. Finally, putting players through a big workout and then asking them to sit and listen to recruiting talk is good, but the concentration level had to be down.

Of course, as with the case of almost everyone(including the OHSFCA) these days, it is "ALL ABOUT THE MONEY." "Show me the money!"

Big is not always better. Eighty-five dollars is still eighty-five dollars to me. BIG IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER.

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