Thursday, May 5, 2011

OL Kyle Dodson - Pleasant Surprise

Last year as I watched the Shaker Heights-Cleveland Heights football game, I kept noticing this long, tall young man dressed in street clothes on the Height's sideline. He explained to me why he was not dressed out. He said that he was going to start playing next week. Took notes.

Yesterday I had the chance to watch Cleveland Heights workout. Walking up to the school, the first person I met was none other than Kyle Dodson, all 6'6 and 310+. This time in a track uniform. Told me that he would throw the shot and would go inside and work out his football team. Come back outside to run the 100 meters. Throw the discus and run on a relay team. Yes, I stayed to watch the shot put and, of course, the 100 meters.

Kyle has all of the physical tools. A natural bender. Long arms and slender at 320(listed). Could easily add another 25 pounds. Excellent feet. Moves very well as a pass blocker. Great hips. Excellent lead blocker on inside or outside trap. Excellent quickness off the LOS. I mean the kid is specimen. With many college coaches in attendance, he hustled every play. Every play! Team leader.

My major concern is that I have not evaluated him enough with pads on or in big games. If he gets hammered, does he jump up or get up? Can he handle the quickness of DL guys? Does he have that nasty streak that all of the really good ones have? Orlando Pace and Korey Stringer to name two.

Would I offer him? Heavens, yes. He has the measurements and the skills. Above all of that, when he communicates with me, he is a first class young man. A top shelf guy. Looking forward to watching him early this fall. Does not have to be a mean tough bully. Just nasty. If the nastiness is there, he will get the chance to make alot of money some day.

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