Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Canton McKinley Football Coach

Do not really like to give opinions, but, for those who know me, sometimes I slip-up and say what I think. Visited McKinley Coach Ron Johnson yesterday.

Watched as he talked with college recruiters from Illinois, Syracuse, and Eastern Michigan. Gave them infro on ALL of his D-1A college potential guys. He also spent time with a recruiter from Albany State. Stressed the quality of character of his players. Except for heights of his players(humor), he was very honest to recruiters. At 2:30 he was on the field leading conditioning drills for his football team. Ron Johnson is a good coach and a better person.

Then I read about all of this "stuff" that he is going thru with some parents at McKinley. Maybe one parent in particular. Think that the "barbershop" is involved. I remember saying to Kerry Hodakevic."Why in the world would you want to go to McKinley?" I remember Thom McDaniels coaching there. I remember a coach who had a chance at being the head coach telling me, "No way would I want my kids in that system." Bulldog football is really good, but it can also send a good coach thru hell.

Canton McKinley football players have always been class acts to me. I enjoy talking and joking them. The problem is that other teams have good players and good kids. The "old days of dominance" are gone. Teams are no longer in fear of playing at McKinley.

Parents, let your kids enjoy playing football and let the coaches make the decisions. Of course, I might as well be talking to my eleven year old lab. Ron Johnson is a good football coach. Daniels is still a good coach. Hodakevic was a good coach. Most of all, swallow some of your pride. McKinley tradition is second to none, but other schools have built very good football prorams.

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