Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Miley and Marlington = Success

Yesterday one of my stops was Marlington High School. Coach Ed Miley has in a short time is putting Marlington on the map as one of the better football programs in Northeast Ohio. Talent, as most of us old coaches know, gives us a better chance to win. Although it takes more than three players to build a winning program, I am familiar with only these three at Marlington.

Recent Michigan State commit, Zach Higgins caught my attention at the State Wrestling Championships his sophomore year. Tough, good balance, and leverage. Came to our Showcase last summer. Just needed to refine blocking skills. At 6'5-285 he has amazing quickness for his big frame. Can be over-powering run blocker at times. Continues to mature physically. Like the fact he stands tall. But the best of Zach is that he has tremndous character.

Alden Hill, a 6'1-220 RB/LB has really matured over the past year both physically and mentally. Now much stronger and trimmer. Improved speed. Strength is his "game day speed." Got caught up in the "recruiting-hype," last year, but now refocused and understands the recruiting game, both good and bad. Needs to get into camps to show his running form. If he shows flatout toughness, then he can be very good. Glad I was able to talk with him. Also, good character guy.

One of "my guys" in the Ohio 2013 Class is Dymonte Thomas. Really believe that schools coulld have offered him as a freshman. Crazy, I know, but if he keeps working hard both in the library and on the football field he may be the top recruit in his class. A soild RB with speed, but DB's are hard to find. At 6'1-185, he will get bigger. Played DE as a freshman. Best position at the next level is as an inside DB. Should line up in the box. A possible sideline corner. Tremendous run stopper. 4.53 speed. One of those guys who smiles alot, but will knock the "whatever" out of you on the football field. Enjoyed visiting with him.

After spending 30 minutes with Coach Ed Miley, I was impressed with his relationship with the students. More than an "X and O guy." Warns his players about all of the "media stuff" with recruiting. Warns his players about college recruiters and their sales pitch. Evident that he has taught his players communication skills in dealing with college recruiters and "pains-in-the-butt" like me. Glad that I had my Garman and glad that I was able to visit Marlington High School..

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