Wednesday, May 11, 2011

QB Austin Appleby Workout

While in Stark County yesterday, I had the chance to watch Austin Appleby workout at North Canton Hoover. Read in the Canton papers that he is the best QB prospect the Class of 2012. Because I am not that good at evaluating talent, I will leave the ranking business to the recruiting analysts(?) on the various media websites.

First saw Austin last year in a scrimmage against Ashland High School. Liked the way he stood in the pocket and liked his "QB presence." But, as any first year guy, he had alot of work to do, but saw potential. On video watched his development. Blew out his ACL in the last game of the season.

Most obvious - he is a big, strong quarterback. Listed 6'4-215 and is all of that. My guess is that he is about 80% recovered from knee surgery. Still favoring it somewhat, which is to be expected. Movement will be fine. Like his QB demeanor or as I like to say, his QB presence. Good footwork. Good hip rotation. A better dropback QB. Technique gets better the longer he throws. Coach Hertler commented to me that he needs time get really warmed up. Strong arm. At times, he seems to squeeze too hard. Drops the ball at times which causes him to wind up, which makes for a high release point. Does eliminate that at times, which is good. Nice spin.

Austin just needs to get totally healthy and not worry about all of the recruiting, for lack of a better word - "crap." Potential is there. Relax, do not squeeze so tight, and have fun. Work the summer camps. Be productive this fall. Most of all, enjoy being a QB.

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