Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chris Collins - John Hay

Last year, when watching Cleveland John Hay, junior Chris Collins was on the sidelines. He had broken a bone in his foot and played in only three games. Everything went well in rehab and he played the entire basketball season.

Listed at 6'4-251, I liked his highlight video from Hudl. Quickness and balance are good. Needs to play lower at times, but that will come with experience. Just getting serious about strength training. Bench is up to 285. Like him better on the offensive line. Good first step. Can run around. Needs to develop more of a punch.

Defensively, he will have to slide down. Needs to play more pad under pad. Gets off blocks and pursues well.

Rough as an unmade bed, but with his size combined with his athleticism like his potential. Of course, his 3.86 and 25 ACT score will not hurt his chances for a scholarship. Looking forward to watching him more this fall.

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