Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Underclassmen at Winton Woods, Miamisburg, and Anna

       Last week was a good week watching and evaluating young offensive/defensive linemen. Also watched two young linebackers and some potentially excellent defensive backs.
      First met OL Noah Listermann (2015) walking in between classes at Winton Woods last spring. Long and gangly, but now listed at 6'7-260. Really like his athleticism and feet for a big man. Long arms and gets a quick drop in pass protection. Okay bender, but is 6'7. Also like his toughness. Finishes blocks. Good lead blocker. The nicest thing about Noah is that he will get bigger/stronger. Only a junior, he could become a dominating player next year.
       I stopped at Anna High School to watch OL/DL Chandler Cotterman (2015). One of the tough guys in my camp last summer. Also competed really well at the OSU Camp. Needed to see him compete wearing pads. Really explosive on either side of the ball. Listed 6'4-285, he moves really well. Aggressive. Chandler needs to play under control and be able to change direction better. Excellent initial "punch," but needs to find ball and change direction. Should be one of the top OL/DL guys in the Class of 2015.
       Always reluctant to write about a freshman, but Miamisburg's Josh Myers is one to keep an eye on. Listed 6'5-255, he moves really well for a big man. Good bender. Moves laterally really well. Alkso plays basketball. I realize that he is only a freshman, but he starts on the OL. If he continues to progress, like I am certain he will, Josh will be one of the very top OL guys in the Class of 2017. Brother plays at Kentucky. I am sure that Josh "gets it."
      Miamisburg's junior Chris Young also played well. Listed 6'1-190, Chris can play many positions. Any DB position, but probably better suited as an inside DB. Could be a RB or a slot receiver. Runs well. Good change of direction. Aggressive. Could grow into an OLB on the next level. Really like his football presence and his ability to make plays.
      I watched LB David Long (2015) from Winton Woods last year both in person and on video. As a sophomore, he was always around the ball and would step up and make tackles. This year even better. Keeps his shoulders square to LOS and fills really well. Some concern about being under 6'0, but he is strong, smart, and moves well inside. For me, the best about David is that he takes on blocks, finds the ball and makes the tackle. One of the top LB's in the Class of 2015.
     Defensive back Chris Fobbs (2105) from Miamisburg impressed me at a Dayton 7on7 last summer. Listed at 6'1-185, he impresses me even more playing with pads. A big corner with speed. Runs 4.5/40. Good hips. Like his recovery speed. Also has really good closing speed. No fear at the corner. If grades improve, big schools will be watching.
    Winton Woods twins Chaz and Christian Lumpkin played well, but I need to see more of them. Both listed at 5'10-170 and, of course, both are in the Class of 2015. Both play fast and are capable of making big plays. Winton Woods has some really good seniors. Just need to see more.
      Junior LB Marco Anverse (Troy) was a combine guy for me. Now plays DE, but like him as a LB. Strong upper body. Needs to really work on speed and change of direction. Aggressive and plays hard. Needs to concentrate on quickness and speed.
     Need to spend more time on the underclassmen, because that is what the major colleges want to see. Most seniors have been evaluated, but I try to put the ones who have not, in my report.

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