Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Eric Glover Williams - McKinley's Electric Source

       Although I have watched him grow and improve as a football player since his freshman year, watching Eric Glover Williams last Saturday was enjoyable. Not so much that he is one of the top talents in the Ohio Class of 2015, but that he is a threat to make a big play every time he touches the ball. When you see he start forward, anything can happen. Mr. Excitement when he touches the ball.
       Contained most of the time last Saturday by a well disciplined GlenOak defense, he did show me some potential break- aways during the game. His yards lost plays negated any total yards for the night.   Playing quarterback, he touches the ball every play. Although he is very durable and plays with a lot of energy, he must pick his spots when to run the ball. Senior RB Jarrod Smith takes some of the pressure away from Eric, because he is a very capable ball carrier as well.
        I really think that one play shows what Eric is all about. His pass was intercepted by threw an  one of GlenOak's top juniors. Kyle Hall. On the return, Eric was knocked down, got up chased Hall on caught him. Actually he caught him around the five yard line. The play may have covered 70 yards. I cannot remember the exact stats, but I do remember the effort of Glover Williams to stop a touch down. Bad ankle or not, he looked strong on that play.
       The other thing that stands out for me was his coming off the field after the interception. Upset and totally focused. No excuses. No comments. His actions spoke huge for me. Overall, this was not one of his better nights, but he competed, and as would be expected, -- played hard.
      Actually watched him his freshman put the team on his back and almost get a come from behind victory. Even a guy like me could see the talent and the potential in him. I called him after the game and congratulated him on his effort. I have read comments where he has said that he always wants to be the leader. The nice thing is that he can walk his talk, which sometimes players who want to be leaders cannot do.
       Evaluating him, his best position is in the slot. Natural ball catcher. Excellent takeoff. Excellent burst. Plays really fast. Like his stop and go - change of direction. Plays really well in space.Quicker than fast, but fast enough. Potential to get really fast on the next level. I see him listed at 5'10 and 5'10.6, but for Eric, his natural quickness and athleticism will more than make up for any shortness.
      Watching him on the sidelines, he seems to be developing core muscles. His durability and ablility to take hits is evident, but as he gets stronger, he will continue to more "electric," every time he touches the ball.
       Ohio State has received a verbal commitment from Eric. Watched him play some DB, and he was the quarterback for McKinley last Saturday night. The Buckeyes are smarter than I am, but I would use his quickness, burst, ability to play in space, and ball catching skills in the Slot position.
        But first, I hope that he puts  his commitment to Ohio State University on a shelf and continues to work hard at Canton McKinley. Some juniors who commit early, seem to believe their work is done on the high school level. The Recruiting World seems to overwhelm them. I  see neither of those problems in Eric Glover Williams. No electric power shortage here!

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