Thursday, October 24, 2013

DeShone Kizer - An Irish QB Now and for Four More Years

      The Cleveland Browns are making the switch to Jason Campbell at the quarterback position for this Sunday's game . I have actually not lost any sleep over that decision. What I noticed about Jason Campbell is that he has a hitch in his throwing motion. A hitch much the same that I noticed In Toledo Central Catholic quarterback, DeShone Kizer last Friday night.
      Before last week's game DeShone joked with me that the Toledo St John's - Central game was the third that I had seen him play. After watching him play his sophomore year, I believed that he had a chance to be special. Liked everything about him, except arm strength. He actually had to wind up and still the football lacked rpm's. That was a concern for me, but I thought with age and with core muscle development that would improve.
       That core muscle strength did not develop and neither did his ball speed. At least not enough to being a nationally rated quarterback. All of the intangibles, all of the measurements, and all of the football skills, except arm strength. For a long time, DeShone was told that he was a basketball player. A 6'4-215 off guard who ( I feel) did not shoot the ball well enough to be a highly recruited basketball player. Baseball is also a love of his and he is good at it. But I still felt that he could be a top rated QB, if he developed his core muscles.
        Apparently most of the schools in the Midwest thought much the same. The reasons are not important, but last summer Notre Dame came back to watch him work out. The Notre Dame coach liked what he saw. DeShone had the major college offer that he wanted, so that he could stay close to home. Southern schools liked him, but not all in the Midwest did.
        Watching him last Friday, he was the same old DeShone to me. All of the intangibles, all of the measurements, and all of the football skills, but now he had added arm strength. Somewhere he has finally "gotten it." Every quarterback needs to develop "core muscles." Not bulging biceps or "Popeye fore arms," but core muscles.
       DeShone still has a "hitch" in his throwing motion and maybe that can be worked with more coaching and more reps. My point is that Jason Campbell has a "hitch" in his throwing motion, and he has been a starter in the NFL. Of course, I am not saying DeShone Kizer will be in the NFL. I am saying that, even with a "hitch" in his throwing motion, he can still get it done. Can he at Notre Dame? Who knows? Given time to develop, he will be fine.
       Former Kenton High School quarterback Maty Mauk was told by some recruiters that he dropped his elbow too much, that he relied on his arm strength to much, and that he needed to set his feet more.  Some thought that it was the system. Until a coach actually saw him throw in person, his ball speed was not appreciated. Maty was also a three-sport star in high school, but work very hard developing his strength. And you guessed it - "core muscles." After redshirting at Missouri and waiting his turn this year, he had a pretty good "coming -out" party last week.
       DeShone Kizer will always be one of my guys. I have watched him grow and mature as person. I have watched him struggle somewhat with the recruiting "BS" put out by the recruiting internet media sites, as well as the college coaches. I have watched him develop physically and  focus on getting stronger. I really believe that he will surprise people with his quarterback play at Notre Dame.
       Most of all, I have really enjoyed talking with him. Even though I am not a high profiled recruiting reporter, he always makes time to flash the smile. Hopefully, he continues to develop his strength and you guessed it -- his core muscles.

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