Friday, October 11, 2013

Toledo Bowsher/Toledo Scott - Both Have Some Prospects

       Last night at the Toledo Bowsher -Toledo Scott, I evaluated some good young prospects, but they all need to get into some camps next summer for exposure. More importantly, they need to prove their agility skills are good and that they can run. Like what I saw, but would like to see them in camps. (Or would like them to come to my combine in March. Free advertising)
       RB/LB Mark Washington (2014) from Bowsher has really improved his physical measurements over the last year. He has lost weight, improved quickness, and increased speed. Like his toughness. Excellent burst, but needs better balance as a RB. Lots of power. Gets north/south. Plays LB, but probably needs to put his hand down on the edge. With burst and toughness, he would be good coming off the edge. With work could stand up at times too. Good prospect.
      Justus Satterfield (2015) played both OL/DL for Bowsher. Guessing 6'2-260 and powerful. Really athletic. Good hips. Good explosion off the DL. Almost too good at times. Needs to play more under control at times. Needs to be better finding the ball  at times. On pure pass rush, he gets after the QB. Like him better on the DL. If he keeps improving physically, and gets more "nastiness,"  he will be a good DL prospect going into 2015.
      Need to find out more about sophomore Chris Suddeth from Bowsher. Former TE, in only his second game at quarterback. Good feet. Guessing 6'1-195. Really good ball handler. Throws well on the run. Finds open receiver. Good release. Really needs to get his feet under him, when he drops back to pass. Needs to be more balanced as he releases the ball. Honestly, was impressed that he was only a sophomore and playing QB in his second game and doing well. One to watch.  Chris is a football player and, if he works hard, a QB prospect. Only a sophomore.
      Transfer DL Ernest Wagner (2015) was playing in only his second game for Scott, after sitting out the first five (transfer rule). Playing too heavy now, but has really good quickness for his size. Guessing 6'1-280, he is a run stopper inside. Quick hands to get off blocks. Plays pad under pad. Athletic. Disengages well. If he can get into really good shape during the off season and stay focused, he could be a dominant 3tech guy.
      Like the play of Dakarai Adams Wilson (2015) Day'vonta Russell (2015) but need to see more.
I did a separate blog on Scott's RB/LB Kevin Banks (2015). Think that if keeps working hard in the off season, he could be high profile recruit this spring. A "five star?" probably not.  I like him a lot, but want to see how he develops.
      The game itself was really good, and both city head coaches are doing  good jobs.  Obviously, city schools lack some depth, but there some good talent and the players played hard.

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