Sunday, October 20, 2013

Chris Green (2015) - Toledo Central Catholic LB

       Last Friday night, I watched one of the top linebackers in the Class of 2015. Definitely the best pure "Mike" backer in the class. I will see St Xavier's Justin Hilliard this weekend, but I like Justin more on the outside. Toledo Central Catholic's Chris Green is the most physical LB in the class.
       First watched Chris his freshman year play some defensive end. Really physical. Watched him last play some LB last year and again - physical. Watched him at the State Wrestling Championships last winter. Once again physical. Now in his junior year, quicker, smarter, and, of course - physical.
       Listed 6'1-220. For some college coaches who follow the measurement's rule, Chris will not qualify, because he is not 6'3. But for those who want the tough run stopper and the really physical player, he is the best in his Class. Probably playing at 225 now, he needs to watch his weight. Over the winter, wrestling in the 220 weight class will take care of that.
        Versus the run, he fills the any hole between the tackles. Gets off blocks and can get to the outside. Keeps his shoulders square and is very physical inside. Reads and reacts well. Excellent closing speed and runs thru ball carriers. Finally, he gets thru traffic to make tackles.
       Against the pass, need to see more. Good hips to get into drops. Just did not see enough during the game. When he stunts on the inside, he shows excellent burst. During warm ups, he ran well and had good hip rotation.
       If you watch Chris play, you may get upset. That is, he plays with much emotion and, simply, has fun playing the game. After a big stop, he may jump up with arms pumping. He may do a five second dance. Most of all, he can "walk his talk." Although he does not seem to "chirp" much, he just plays with emotion and it shows.
        Rumor last Friday night was that Penn State offered. Linebacker U. With some good camps this summer, Chris should blow-up. Really, he does not need camps to get recognized, but coaches could see his quickness and change of direction. I would say one area that he needs to continue improve is his change of direction. As I have mentioned a few times - physicality is no problem.
        Like David Long (2015) from Winton Woods, will see Justin Hilliard (2015) from St Xavier, but Chris Green is that true inside linebacker. Probably will not get much taller, but will get quicker, and will always play physical. Most of all, will always has fun playing the game.

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