Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Some Top Seniors at Troy, Marshall, Winton Woods

       While watching games last weekend, I was really impressed with the effort of some players in the 2014 Class. I knew about Vayante' Copeland, Mike Edwards, Daniel Cage, and  Miles Hibbler, but they were better than I expected. Also having solid games were  Landon Brazile and Alex Dalton.
       Vayante' Copeland (Thurgood Marshall) returned the opening kickoff 88 yards for a touchdown. He went on to score two more TD's on long runs. Fast-fast with an excellent burst. Great hips. Excellent vision. Vayante' attended my combine as a sophomore and was outstanding. A no-brainer. Tremendous athlete. Better person. Best position at Michigan State could be corner or slot. Guarantee he will be on "return" teams.
      RB Miles Hibbler from Troy High School is one of the quickest backs in the first five yards that I have seen for a while. He gets north/south quickly. Listed 5'10-190, he breaks tackles and stays on his feet for extra yards. Fast, but would like to see more of a fifth gear. Also has the mental toughness that all good RB's have. Kent State is getting a really good one.
      Although Mike Edwards (Winton Woods) hurt his leg during the game, I have always liked his toughness. Runs fast. Excellent in open field. Closes on the ball really well. Listed 5'11-182. Possible CB, but must improve hips. Really like as a FS. Much like Copeland and Hibbler, he plays hard and has excellent athletic ability. Believe that Mike has committed to play at the University of Kentucky.
      I have watched Daniel Cage for four years, and every year he has gotten bigger and stronger, but has maintained his quickness and athleticism. Beginning his senior year, he is listed 6'2-290. Powerful inside run stopper. Excellent quickness to get to QB. Like the way he takes on the double team. Also plays gap tech well. Daniel has to work on his punch and explosion into blocker. More of a pusher now, he needs to explode and be better at disengaging blocks. Once he develops that technique, he will be a top DL guy. I do not believe that has committed to a college.
      Alex Dalton (Troy) has committed to play at Oklahoma next fall. My guess is he will work at the center position. Good size and strength. Good bender. Did not watch him as much as other prospects.
      Landon Brazile (Thurgood Marshall) is a work in progress. Tall and long and comes off the edge. Limited football experience, but has work hard and "gets it." Listed 6'6-255, but will get bigger. Committed to Cincinnati last July.
      Troy QB Mathew Barr continues to improve at the QB position. Like his release, but needs to work on feet. Had some dropped passes. Matt is such a good athlete, that if quarterbacking does not work out, he may be able to play another position. Did not spend time watching him closely.
      Always spend more time on underclassmen, but these seniors just kind of jumped out at me.

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