Monday, September 30, 2013

A Braxton Miller Supporter

       As silly as it sounds, I do not spend many hours on the lazy boy watching college or NFL football. For one, I am usually traveling to watch a high school prospect play in a Saturday game. For two, I live on almost five acres of land south of Upper Sandusky and  love working outside. Lastly, my Labrador needs some love. But I did catch the last three minutes of the first half of the Wisconsin - O-State game. Watching those three minutes, I have two observations.
       If you are a young coach, please take this advice. If there are less than 20 seconds to go before halftime, or before the end of the game, and your team is on defense, do not worry about the first down. Stop the offense from scoring. If it is 4th and 10, put your defensive backs on the five yard line and keep everybody in front of you. If the QB is a gamer, no question-stop the long throw.
      Secondly, Braxton Miller is a winner. The TD pass before halftime proves that. Better than that, he was a competitor at Wayne High School and is one at Ohio State.  For me, his passing flaw was that he got his body ahead of his arm. When that happened, he had to rely on his arm. Now he did not have to fly to California to find that out. Of course, I am just a fan, but that was what I saw. Now I am not privy to practice, but I am sure that Urban Meyer has that changed.
       I would also like to address some radio sports talk guy on 610 WTVN in Columbus. Seldom do I listen to sports talk shows, unless a credible person is talking. It was game day and this "expert" was saying that Braxton Miller would or could not play hurt. That he is soft. That he could not take a hit. That he was injury prone and would not play with pain. He said more, but I switched to a CD. I wonder what would happen if Braxton "called him out."
       Braxton Miller competes and wins. I have not talked with him often, but when I did, he was good to me. That's good enough for me. I guess I am a Braxton Miller supporter. As far as the "bold tough sports talk guy," probably not.

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