Thursday, October 17, 2013

O-Lineman - Bryce Gibbs (2015) Wellington High School

       Last summer at the Ohio State Camp, I watched OL/DL Bryce Gibbs, Wellington High School go through the individual drills and liked what I saw. Just coming out of his sophomore year, he needed some work, but moved okay on his 6'4-290 frame. At the time, I told him I would try to catch a game in the fall. Could not fit a game into my schedule, but attended his practice last night.
      Two years ago, Wellington High School qualified for the Division Four state playoffs, but this year their numbers are down this year and so is their record. Nonetheless, they have a respected veteran head coach and are well coached. Bryce is fundamentally sound blocker and is a bender.
       Hard to see a lot in practice, but I like the way he bends. Good explosion of ball. Like the way he seals the inside. Wellington is a wing-t offense, limiting a lot of pass protection drills. Needs to work on pass drop protection, but has the feet and long arms to get it done. Overall, he runs well, but I would like to see him lose 15 pounds over the winter. Losing weight will improve both quickness and balance.
        Like his practice mentality. Works well with teammates. Hustles from one drill to the next. Liked his effort on punt team coverage. Did not see him play defense, but on video, he gets off the ball well. Plays pad under pad well at times. Good bender on the offensive line.
        Advice to Bryce would be to get the highlight video done after the season. Pick his two best games and have that video ready. Get exposure by playing basketball again. A former player, but needs to get back on the court. Doing this, his feet will continue to get better, he will stay in condition, and college coaches and guys like me, will come to see him play. Also, he should change his eating habits. Finally, use good judgment in selecting camps. All this cheap advice probably seems silly, but I believe he could play college football at a high level, if he dedicates himself to getting better.
        Measuring 6'4-290 and not playing Division I or II is probably tough on Bryce, because he has to dominate the players he plays against. Playing both offense and defense, he cannot take plays off. Getting into condition in the off season is imperative.
        Good quickness, athletic, solid feet, and a bender. A blind squirrel can find a nut at a high profile D-I high school. But that same squirrel may have a tougher time at a D-IV program. Good college recruiters turn over every stone.
        Glad I saw Bryce Gibbs at the Ohio State Football Camp. Really glad I made the trip to Wellington High School to watch him practice. Better suited for the offensive line, but no slouch on defense. One for the college coaches to watch.


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