Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Brecksville, Arlington, and Clearview - Prospects

       I receive many emails from high school players asking to me to check out their Hudl video. Sometimes it takes a few days, but I get it done. In some form, I try to get my opinions back to them. I hate to make too many comments, because during the season they need to focus on what is working for them. Recently I received video on Brecksville's Tim Tupa and Jay Rose, OL Logan Grieser from Arlington High Schoiol, and QB Roger Engle from Lorain Clearview High School.
      Actually watched Tim Tupa (2014) as a freshman play WR and catch passes from his brother Tommy. A really good athlete, Tim lines up at different times as a receiver, as a QB, and as a free safety. Listed 6'2-185, he has the size, but needs to improve overall strength. Changes direction well. Good hips. Good burst. Not a fifth gear guy, but has good speed. Will develop a better burst and get faster with strength improvement. Tim's ability to make plays both on offense and defense is his strength. Looks to be a natural receiver, but could end up on defense. Athleticism and attitude are his strengths.
       Another Brecksville player is senior LB Jay Rose. Listed at 6'2-225, I have watched Jay improve over the years. Improved overall strength and speed has really helped Jay. Runs down hill well. Finishes plays. Had him in my Underclassmen Showcase two years ago and liked his aggressiveness. Also plays some FB. The key for Jay will to continue getting stronger and quicker and improving change of direction. Most of all, he is a football player.
       Two summers ago at the UC football camp I watched Logan Grieser (2015) compete against the "big boys." Listed at 6'2-280, but Logan was only a freshman and his high school class numbered around 40 students total. However, Arlington High School has football tradition. Runs well for his size. Carrying too much weight. Good punch. Good balance. Needs to be a better bender, but he can. Blocks second level well. Height will hurt, but I believe he could play center. His desire to compete and another off season to develop will really help his recruiting.
      Also received some video from QB Roger Engle from Lorain Clearview High School. A former camp guy for me. Last spring when I met him at his school, I was surprised how put together he was. Listed 6'2-205. Good vision and good pocket awareness. Good escapability. Eyes always downfield. Makes the touch pass and the fade, but would like to see more spin at times. Needs to get hips more involved. Needs to improve follow through at times. Although a QB first, he has the size, toughness, and speed to play defense. Needs to get more exposure this spring and summer. Really like his potential as a QB, but must develop "fast ball."
       One thing nice about watching video, I can do it any place, any time. With WiFi available at all McDonald's, I can sit at my table at the Upper Sandusky McD's and work. Of course, actually watching a prospect in person is always the best way to evaluate.

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