Monday, October 7, 2013

Father-in-Law Loses Battle with Cancer

       Last week was a tough week for me, in that my father-in-law died on Wednesday, and the funeral was held in Syracuse, NY on Saturday. He was a retired minister, but still ministered to many people. Even at 85 and battling prostrate cancer, he was a pastor in senses of the word.
       My late wife was his only child, but he has a daughter from a second marriage. His wife's daughter, Claudia, has done a tremendous job taking care of almost everything. Her mother, Bob's  wife, has health problems of her own, which left almost everything to Claudia. She did, however, receive much support from her cousin Gigi and her Aunt Irene.
       His living in Syracuse limited the amount of time our families could get together. Maybe four times a year. But those times were memorable times. Times that my family will talk about for years and years.
        This is a high school football blog. I mentioned my father-in-law today because he was an important part of my life. Having gone through this ten years ago with my wife, I encourage you to take time to tell your family members that you love them. Fathers, the best present that you can give your kids is to - love their mother.
        Back to football blogs tomorrow morning.

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