Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Who is Jason Tretter?

As I was traveling down 271 south of Cleveland, I saw the Richfield exit. The only two things to come to mind were the Cleveland Cavaliers and a big "OL Guy" at Revere High School. Of course, the Cavs no longer play in Richfield, but I did see three games there. My thoughts turned to Revere High School's Jason Tretter.

First saw Jason at the Ohio State Camp last summer. Really liked his 6'5-275 frame and the fact that he could move his feet. Promised him that I would be to a game his junior year. Really liked his potential. As the season went on I called him to check his schedule for the remainder of the season season. It was then that I was told he blew-out his knee big time, and, of all things, the injury happened the first scrimmage of the season.

Jason had PCL surgery, MCL surgery, and meniscus repair on October 11th and was totally cleared on June 18th. He feels his overall knee strength is so much stronger, because he not only strengthen the damaged knee, but many of the muscles around it. Testing his mental toughness was almost as hard as the physical part. He is continuing some physical therapy, but is looking for to the actual beginning of 2-a-days.

Over the summer, he made visits to many of the colleges, but only worked out at the Pitt Camp. No 40 times, obviously, but alot of agility work. Dad is a Cornell graduate, but Jason mentioned Harvard in the Ivy League. As you would expect, many of the bigger schools are waiting on the those first two games' video. They need to watch for any favoring of the knee. Whatever?

As I told Jason, even at the NFL level, coaches are always concerned how an athlete comesback after his first ever major injury. I like the way he bended and moved laterally before the surgery. Really feel that he should be good. Easy for me to say, but he must trust his knee. Now listed at 6'7-315, I am anxios to see him play this fall.

Jason told me that he spends his alone time "watching movies or watching the flatscreen." But he must find time to study. Carries a 3.7GPA and scored  a 29 on ACT. Plans to study pre-med (micro-biology). Ten years from now, Dr. Tretter will be helping people.

The recruiting process was alittle disappointing with schools almost writing him off, before watching his senior year. Maybe with the craziness of early offers, that could be expected. Some schools are leaving an offensive line position on hold, hoping that he cna go full-tilt.

A few recruiters told me that if he had not had the injury, he would be a no-brainer for some BCS schools. I watched his sophomore video and liked him at camp. The reality is - "it is what it is." Excellent attitude. Remember 6'7-315. Of course, a 29ACT score opens up some other areas.

 Jason Tretter will be fine. By the way, I loved Mark Price and the three's at the old Richfield Coliseum.

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