Saturday, July 14, 2012

Welcome Stadium Hosts 7on7 Games

Today, University of Dayton put on one of the better 7on7 programs that I have been to in a while. Will not show them too much love, because for years UD bought my scouting service. An assistant coach took over the program and  the McCallister Scouting Service was history. "It is what it is." I am sure they have a better one now.

Both a morning and an afternoon sessions. Eight schools in each session. Each team played four one hour games with a brief halftime. No tournaments. Score was kept. Good officiating. One dollar hot dogs. One dollar drinks. Everything was good. I stood out in sun for six hours. Silly me.

Austin Bruns - QB - 6'3-215 - 2013. Stands tall. Nice release. Throws touch and deep ball as well. Strong arm. Like the way he sees the field. Weakness may be inescapabilty speed. Big strong body.
Zach Dickman - LB - 6'1-220 - 2013. Liked him at O-State camp last year. Inside LB. Tackle to tackle guy. Needs a better burst. Needs to get better at changing direction.

Dayton Dunbar (Evaluated underclassmen)
Walter Daniels - OLB - 6'1-210 - 2014. Athletic. Changes direction. Some burst. Recovers well. Needs to add weight and strength. Like his frame.
Darnell Jewett - WR/DB - 5'11-155. Excellent ball catcher. Concentration is good. Can climb to make catch. Needs to get alot of bigger, stronger, and faster. Like his WR presence. Size will determine alot.
Curtis Boyd - RB - 5'10-170 - 2014. Like him, but hard to evaluate a RB today. Good hands. Good hips. Solid speed.
Marcus West - LB - 6'2-220 - 2014. Looks to be a run stopper. Good frame. Needs to be a better bender. Runs down hill. Need to see when pads are on.
Dontay White - ATH - 5'9-160 - 2015. Really athletic. Played some QB, WR, and FS. Fast. 4.5 guy. Excellent quickness. Makse plays. Concern that gets tall enough. Tough competitor. Definitely one to watch.
Rodney Bogan - CB/RB - 5'9-165 - 2016. Only a freshman, but played alot. Tough. Good burst. Good hips. Will be one to watch. Potential is unlimited. Like alot.
Davaugh Alexander - OL - 6'4-260 - 2016. Not fair to sya much. Not dressed out, but really passes the eyeball test. Just needed to mention this freshman.

Kettering Fairmont
Tommy West - OLB - 6'2-220 - 2013. Have watched since sophomore year. Strong and powerful. Improved speed, but needs to be more consistent with speed. Good bender. Good hips. I feel he is underrated. Looking at UC and MAC schools, but could go Ivy. Excellent leader.
Aaron Abbott - DB - 5'11-180 - 2013. Competes hard. Good hips. Finishes. Wish he had a better burst and had better top end speed. Smart.
Robert Nsenga - DB/RB - 5'9-180 - 2013. Much the same as Aaron. A better burst. Good hips. Just wish he had better top speed.

Ethan Wolf - TE - 6'4-215 - 2014. Somewhat disappointed to see Ethan supporting a cast on his wrist. Damaged his wrist at O-State Camp. Passes the eyeball test. Told me he should be fine by the beginninof the season. Like his potential. Needs to get bigger. Already has some offers.
Wes Hegeman - DL - 6'3-220 - 2014. Like Wes. Worked at TE and some slot. Also worked out at LB. During the season he will be on the DL. Really athletic. Moves well. One to watch.

Dayton Thurgood Marshall
Vayante Copeland - DB - 5'10-160 - 2014. At the end of his senior year could be the top CB in the Dayton area. Fast, excellent hips, and recovers well. Really athletic. Will play a number of positions this fall, but is a corner on the next level. Actually, age wise should be a sophomore. Unlimited potential.
Angelo Martin - FS - 6'0-165 - 2014. Did not play football last year. Basketball player. Natural at back pedaling. Closes well.  Long. Needs to get much stronger and bigger. Like his attitude. Natural ability.
Gerry Green - TE - 6'6-270 - 2013. Guess on size. Could be one of the top offensive linemen in the 2013 Class. Liked his potential last year. Long. Excellent frame. Excellent feet. Bends. Only mentions tight end. Potential as an OL guy unlimited.

Trotwood Madison
Cameron Burrows - DB - 6'1-190 - 2013. Talked with him for a few minutes. Like his attitude. Only difference, he will be an inside DB at O-State. Should be a good one.
Reon Dawson - CB - 6'1-170 - 2013. Maybe 6'2. Slender. When he gets bigger and stronger, he will be be good at Illinois.  Ideal CB. Recovers well. Competes hard. Really like his potential. Just scratching the service.
Jarred Clements - DL 6'3-260 - 2013. Have always enjoyed talking with Jarred. Tore ACL, but should be good to go after fifth game. Almost too nice to chat with. Going to Illinois.
Trey Williams Brown - DL - 6'2-240 - 2013. Did not play, but I really like his maturity level increase. Focused and actually listens to my "stuff." Probably a DL guy. Needs to be more consistent. Some MAC offers, but may play higher.
Messiah deWeaver - QB - 6'0-170 - 2016. Only a freshman, but he QBed most of the time. Needs to work on feet, but has the tools. Of course, he will get bigger and stronger. Coachable. Potential is excellent, BUT just a freshman.
Kei Beckham - DB - 5'11-170 - 2015. Playing nickel back, but next year will on the corner. Needs to continue to get bigger and stronger. With that will come an increase in speed and burst. Had a pick. Potential is unlimited, but only a sophomore.

Middletown Fenwick
Ricky Davis - QB - 6'2-185 - 2013. Really strong arm. Can spin it. Moves around in pocket well. High motor. Has been a back-up at Moeller. First year to "lead team." Like potential, but need to see him after four games.
Leo Haenni - TE - 6'4-220 - 2013. Sliding through the cracks. Excellent ball catcher. Big frame. Plays hard. Plays some LB. Really like his athleticism. Colleges concerned about speed, cna he get big enough put his hand down. For me, on either side of the ball. Needs to play "lights out" first three games.
Will Robinson - QB - 6'3-185 - 2014. A backup to Ricky Davis. Really like his potential. Like his QB mechanics. Reads coverages. Needs to keep developing core and back muscles. Needs to work on escapability and quick feet. One for me to watch.

The players I wanted to see were either hurt or not in attendance.  Tyler Reasoner (2014) caught my eye. Listed 6'2-220. An inside linebacker. Needs to keep working on speed and burst. Changes direction. One to watch.
Really wanted to evaluate TE/DE Jacob Betschel (2014), but he was nursing a hamstring injury. Did not see him compete, but he will have to get bigger and stronger. Listed at 6'3-220. Much the same for linebacker Regan Williams (2015). Listed 6'1-215. He was not at full strength and did not get a good evaluation. Need to get to a game this fall. 

Tight end Connor Brown was not in attendance. Connor is listed at 6'6-220. Need to evaluate him at a later time.


Ksat937 said...

Please keep an eye out for Thurgood Marshall's Denzel Norvell who was an All-State RB as a Jr. in 2011 ran for over 1800yrds and scored 30td's! Also, as you already mentioned V. Copeland which in my opinion one of the better DB's in all of Ohio! He is being recruited by several Big 10 schools...

Maurice Patmon said...

Messiah deWeaver, I saw him bring back Trotwood against Winton Woods last week to win in overtime, after being down 20-7, in the 4th qtr!! This young freshman, kept his composure after repeatedly being sacked, made the key plays in key situations to lead his team to a come from behind victory, in overtime 27 to 20!!!! This young quarterback has nothing but upside and potential to lead his team for the next 3 years!!! I seen a state championship in the near future!!