Saturday, July 14, 2012

Syracuse Time - Plus Some New Ideas for Website

Leaving tomorrow morning for Syracuse to see my father-in-law and his wife. Although my wife lost a battle with cancer eight years ago, I still visit her father in Syracuse. Of course, I like to checkout the facilities at the university. Short trip, but well worth it.

My editing system is up and running. Believe it or not, I was able to get it functioning by myself.  With that said, we will have video on our sight coming in August. As usual, ours is free to both the colleges and the public. Hopefully, the same format as the last time we had video.

Also, we are experimenting with a separate blog that would deal only with football recruiting news. The problem is that I would rely on propsects to contact me. No bios or rankings, just information that players want to provide. Some players and parents still do not understand "offers." The blog will not be a "rumor" site.

I have finally realized why some recruiting writers rate players high, even though they are just okay players. All about stories and reaching their required number of stories for a month. Plus, just a few writers could care less, as long as they reach the magical number. I am finding more and more of that as I travel to camps and 7on7's.

Next week, I get a chance to watch one of my top five qb's in the Class of 2014. May travel to UC to watch "Friday Night Lights." Bowling Green has one too. As does O-State. The problem is that I am really into underclassmen. Plus, I really no interest in out of state prospects. None.

Also will publishing a list of the Ohio Class of 2014 in the  future. Very much the same format as the Ohio Class of 2013. Need to get the list to colleges first. They receive more information, plus my individual pre-season ratings. College pay for this information.  Readers will get name, school and position on over three hundred prospects.

No blogs until Wednesday night.

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