Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Heath Harding - Dayton Christian

One of the ways I develop my Ohio Class List is to look at every list that I come across whether it be off of websites, all-state teams, or local newspapers. This winter Heath Harding's name kept popping up. He put up some good numbers at some combines and at some college football camps. I asked veteran high school talent evaluator, Dave Berk for some insight. His comment, "He is worth checking out. I like him."

Heath Harding is listed anywhere from 5'9-5'11. Guessing, he is probably closer to 5'10. Whatever the case, he can run fast. Clocked at under 4.4 at O-State Camp. Honestly, that seems really fast for me, but it is what it is. Running back is his favorite position, but that is all he knew up until this summer. College coaches have really pushed him to play some corner.

I have not seen him in person either in pads or in shorts/t-shirt. Have watched him on video. Runs fast. Excellent feet at changing direction. Keeps feet moving after first contact. Always looking up field. Just a guess --- Recovery speed is really good. Needs to prove to coaches that he is physical. Needs to really develop CB skills as far as contact with receivers. Not a guess- would be a good return man. Getting stronger would improve burst. Does have a 38" vertical.

Heath talked about playing at the "highest level." The recruiting process, as with most players, has been fun and eye-opening. Early offers from some Mid American schools, but again, he would like to play at the highest level. With that thought, Heath will until later in the season to make a commitment.

Although out of his control, Heath plays for Dayton Christian High School. A really good school and program, but only 38- 40 boys on football team. Plays in a Division 6 region. But, the summer camps have gotten his name out there and coaches have seen him perform in shorts/t-shirt. And as I tell every recruit, "if you are good enough, somebody will find you."

Really glad I had a chance to talk with Heath Harding. A simple phone call to Dave Berk helped me find another good prospect. "Somebody will find you."

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